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 My Lips are REALLY DRY&CHAPPED all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!?
I sleep with my mouth open at night, so when I wake up, my Lips are cracked and parched and the corners are torn. I need a way to make them moist and nice. I also lick my lips a lot, which make it ...

 any help here please?
well on my underarm its like underneath the skin well i dont really know but its like a small little rock its not hard though and rough. It only hurst when i squeeze it can it be like a in grown hair ...

 What will happen if I'm only getting 1-3 hours of sleep each night?

 I can't sleep...its 3 am.?
I no its New Years, that might be why I can't sleep. But I never get "hyped" up for any holiday. I just can't sleep. It's been like that the past 3 days. I can't fall ...

 I am sneezing every morning when i get up..Why ?
Like 5-10 times. My doctor said nothing to worry.. but i still feel abnormal......

 Can I refuse to pay my doctor?
My doctor barely makes an appearance when I have to go see him. As in he comes in for less that 3 minutes, looks at a sheet of paper, gives me a prescription and then leaves.

Doesn't ...

 17 year old wetting the bed?
I just turned 17 last month and lately I just started wetting the bed again every night. Even when I try not to, I still manage to wet the bed. I never had a problem with this before. I don't ...

 Should I go to the hospital??!?!?
I have been drinking relatively heavy since the holidays. It would be from 2 drinks to 10. And sometimes I'd not drink at all. I am trying to go dry today and I'd had only 2 beers yesterday....

 does anyone know whats wrong with my sister?
My sister has swollen eyes, fever, vomiting, and cold symptoms... what's wrong with her?...

 late sleeping time?
Throughout the past 8 to 10 years my timing for naturally falling asleep has been slowly shifting forward and now I can only fall asleep around 2 am and wake up at 12 to 2 pm to be fully rested. I...

 What is the best way to remove ear wax? Is there an ENT on here that can give me an answer?

 i am very sad today please help?
yesterday i shocked when i saw my son falling down from his byke and saw his blood on his brow .. after 3 or 4 hours i felt dizzy and had headache , gradually i lost concious but i was still hearing ...

 what can i use on a mouth ulcer that i might have lying around the house?
I have this ulcer but dont have anything to put on it - is there anything that i can like concoct haha from things that might be lying around the house? pleease help me its so sore =[ ...

 what are ways to fall asleep?
i can't fall asleep what should i ...

 How to fall asleep FAST?
I may of taken Acid and now its impossible for me to sleep. Its not that im not tired cuz im REALLY tired, its just I cant sleep. HELP ME SOMEONEEE......

 what does it mean when your poo doesn't float?

 Is MSG good, bad, or just harmless?
Monosodium Glutamate?...

 My 2 year old daughter is having leg cramps at night she is getting them more often and walks on tip toes help

 Sleep remedies???
Does anyone know any remedies to help fall asleep?...

 Does drinking sugar laden drinks like Coca Cola quench a thirst?
Do sugary drinks make a thirst worse?...

Is there a specific reason why I keep craving potatoes?
I am always craving potatoes, I can 't figure out why for the last few months, I'm always wanting any type of potato.

Is there a reason for this that I don't know?

Lobo N
to get a fat ***

Megan C
Could you possibly be pregnant?? It is common to have wierd cravings when pregnant lol one of my friends had the urge to lick the mud off potatoes when she was up the duff....... strange but true!!!!!!!!!

Due in September <3
have you taken a pregnancy test?...You can have strange cravings if youre pregnant

I think u just like the taste. Try to stop, I heard potatoes make u gain weight.

Darren G
You're a spud at heart!

your body is probably lacking something that potatoes will give you

Arthur A
it's because potatoes are really yummy
(I also like them in my tummy)
they're really healthy and keep you fit
(and sometimes even help you ****)
black or white, straight or gay
just eat potatoes very day!

Olivia R
your body is set on carbs. Try eating better foods

Christo Minaverus
If I remember correctly potatoes are high in Potasium. So that could be one of the reasons.

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