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 Serious Bladder Problems. Im a boy.?
im 14 years old and i have sum serious bladder problems. The first one is that I pee a lot like every a hour. But thats not it, it gets worst! I have a shy bladder!! You do not wanna know how hard ...

 is there any other way to know your blod type without going to the doctor?
I know that sounds like a silly question but I've been reading this 'eat right for your type' book and all the plans are based around you blood type and I don't know mine.

 Is it normal to sleep for 14 hours?
Last night I went to bed at 11pm and woke up 14 hours later at 2pm. I've never slept for such a long time before. For ages I've been going to bed at about midnight/1am and waking up at ...

 Are headphones really bad for you?
Is wearing headphones actually bad for your ears and I mean all kinds like over ear, in ear, and on ear?...

 Is health impacted more by diet or medical care?

 Could I ruin my health if I move from the South to the Northeast?
I have lived in Florida since I was 7 (30 years). I want to move to the northeast but I am concerned that because my body is not used to the brutal winter weather up there I could be compromising my ...

 Shadows under my eyes?
I have massive, prolific rings around my eyes that are sort of purple/black. It looks like I've been punched in the face. Is there anything I can do to get rid of them?
Thanks in advance :)...

 gallbladder stones- plz help!?
Hi, I am a 20 year old pregnant women who has just found out these horrible severly painfull attacks i have been having are from small gallstones. since i am pregnant, i have to wait to get my ...

 I sleep atleast 8 hours at night but I am still tired.?
I sleep enough at night and when I wake up I'm not tired but when I get to school or anywhere else I can't keep my eyes open. I usually get really tired by second block, which is at 10:55. D...

 How do i know i don't have a potential sinus infection heading to my brain?
I've been a chronic sinus patient since i was a kid. Im around 17 now. This time i have a sinus and it gives me a light headache very infrequent;y to the right side of my brain. Before i had the ...

 Do medical supply stores carry adult plastic pants and adult diapering needs?
Do most medical supply stores carry adult plastic pants and adult diapering needs?...

 What are our fingernails made of?
Are they made of skin? Are they made of bone? Anyone know??...

 How does caffeine affect my health?
Um, I went to my doctor a while ago and he told me that I had low blood pressure (72/57) I'm not sure how that affects my daily life, but I know that I often feel dizzy after suddenly standing ...

 How to I get on a regular sleeping schedule again?
I have been sleeping in late because I have staying up late, how do I get back to a regular schedule, I went to bed at 10:30 or 11:00 and woke up at 6:30...

 whenver i take a nap i usually wake up really thirsty, and or all sweaty. is something wrong?
so yeah usually when i take naps, sometimes when actually sleeping ill wake up in the middle of the night really thirsty and or sweaty...could this be something i should be worried about? or see a ...

 How can i stop biting my finger nails and fingers?

 preteen and teenage boys wearing diapers?
I have friends about my age and some older teenagers that wear diapers.
2 of my friends wear diapers because they can't hold their pee for very long but a lot of my friends and boy ...

 Whenever the heater is on I get small nose bleeds?
How can I stop that?...

 How do I stop!!?
I have a bad habit of cracking my knuckles. I need help stoping!!!! Any ideas?!?!?!? Please Respond ASAP!!!...

 whats the differences between these massages ?
* Deep tissue Massage
* Chinese massage
* Swedish massage

please explain......

Lorissa T
Is popping your fingers and toes bad for you?
My husband is always aggravating me and my kids by holding us down and popping our toes. I've always heard that popping and cracking your fingers and/or toes will cause arthritis. I don't want my kids to have arthritis when they get older because of his need to pop everything. If there is a medical specialist of some sort on here, I'd appreciate your input. Thank you very much!

it is actually releasing built up air in the joints. i wouldnt let your husband hold you down to do it though thats just not fair.
i wouldnt stand for it personally


it has been proved that popping fingers and toes won't cause arthritis while some may still a experience a minor stiffness, they wouldn't notice it.

Holly C
i have heard that that is just a rumor. i have asked 3 doctors and 2 said that wasn't true, and 1 said it hadn't been proved.

Absolutely does not cause arthritis. I've asked a number of orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors and all have said it's a myth.

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