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 what do you call it when you are a sleep and you know you need to get awake but cant?

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 Husbands knee surgery?
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his knee is still very swollen

The strange thing is, there is no hair growing on his knee...at all!

the rest of his leg is ...

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 anything i can do to stop my snoring?

 help! how do i get my sleeping pattern back on track???
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 Utah Health Insurance Options?
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 What medical labs are cheap to have blood work done?
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 What does bleeding when having a bowl movement mean?
Saw a large amount of blood on the tissue, and in the toilet after a bowl movement today. Also some discomfort or (pressure) in the rectal area, even when I don't have to go, but always feel as ...

Is it really that bad to hold your pee?
I hold my pee, alot until the last second. Either I am in bed and too lazy to get up or I'm at work and don't have time. I read that you can get kidney problems if you hold it on a regular basis. How often and long would you have to hold it for this to happen? Weird question I know :)

Yes, bad for you. Puts pressure on bladder and it could burst if you hold it for too long. Also, not good for the kidneys. Myself I'm only guilty of holding my poop, sometimes I hate pooping. So I squeeze my cheeks together and try pushing it back in. My stomach growls and it buys me time, sometimes hours, other times only minutes.

I work in a cubicle drinking coffee for 9 hours every day.

It's actually very good for your kegal muscles! And also expands the size of your bladder so you have to pee less frequently.


After reviewing other answers ........oh. Well, ya learn somethin' new every day.

good question. i dont know for sure but if ur a guy and u hold it ppl gonna think that ur horny if u know what i mean. my guess is if u have to work or something drink less ok so u dont have to go that bad

mary k
It is bad to hold your pee. Your blatter can get infected & cause kidney problems.

I do it all the time,But yes it is bad for you.
It can cause a serious bladder infection, and the medication can cost a lot.
So you should try and not hold it.
I have only held mine for about an hour and nothing happened...so I dunno how long someone can hold it until infections can occur.

Go when you need to. Holding it will cause problems. I dont think there is a set time for holding it and when it will affect you. Just go when you need to.

Yes. You increase your risk of developing a UTI (urinary tract infection). And yes you can develop kidney AND bladder problems as well.

Dr. K
Yes it's bad for you. You increase the risk of having a UTI and damaging your kidneys. Taxi drivers routinely hold their urine for prolong periods of time in NYC, many of them have UTI or kidney problems.

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