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 How long after quitting smoking till the lungs change from gray to pink again?
I have been quit for almost a year, and recently I came across some horrifying pictures online of smoker lungs. They were dark gray, almost black in color and looked just awful. So my question is, ...

 I've been coughing and my chest HURTS! Any ideas to help make it stop hurting?
I've been sick with a cough since yesterday... It's also been a stuffed up nose and everything, the winter sickness.. It hurts to cough and i need to cough to what ever i have out. But I...

 Should cord blood be for sale?
What are your thoughts on this topic? Please give me why it should be and why it shouldn't be for sale. I need to do this for a project, your help is truly appreciated :D...

 How long does it take nails to grow back?
Ok so I have a bad nail biting problem,where my nails on my pinky are almost 50% gone, and the rest of my fingers and thumbs, they are about 1/4 of a inch. How long will it take to grow my nails back ...

 What will happen to a person if they don't sleep for 48 hours?
I didn't sleep yesterday, last night, or today and I've always had trouble sleeping and have been on meds for it. I went to the doc today who ordered a sleep study and a new med, and I'...

 Turn away, If you could get me a drink of water, cause my lips are chapped and faded.?

 i puked up blood after i smoked weed, and drank a 5 hour energy, should i be concerned? is this normal?
i only took one hit off the bong, i do not smoke often, but when i did i thought i was going to die, my head felt like exploding, and i thought my heart would explode right out my chest, then i could ...

 Can Fingers Have a Engrown Nail?

 How do you cure a raspy voice?
Im sick and my voice is so disgustingly low and i sound liek a frog.
What can help cure it? I have school 2marro

Other than drinking tea what else?...

 I've been having health issues lately can someone help me out please?
I wake up in the morning and spit up either brown, yellowish green, white or clear phlegm and throughout the day I cough it up also. I went for a run a couple weeks ago and thats when i started ...

 My friend is feeling weak and dizzy and hasn't ate in days nor has she drank very much water??READ... HELp?
My friend has basically been in hibernation mode for the past weak. Her and her boyfriend have had a lot of problems and she just called me saying that she is feeling very weak and dizzy when she ...

 How can I hide/get rid of my lazy eye?
So I think I have some sort of lazy eye...
my pupil doesn't wander off somewhere but like my right eye doesn't open as much as my left.. like its almost like when people get old and ...

 Do you kill a Fly moving to escape from a closed glass window ,or you let it out ?

 Advice on quitting smoking.?
I've decided to quit smoking cigarettes about four days ago. I'm doing pretty well. Except for that one cigarette after dinner (the biggest meal of the day). I tried peppermint sticks (...

 How do you hide the smell of cigarette smoke?
Is there ANY way? It doesnt seem like it, maybe smoking outside, I wouldn't know. But does anyone know the secret to not smelling like tobacco?

And please, no repsonses on how ...

 Anyone got any ideas on how to combat tiredness?
I get enough sleep, work silly hours but sleep plenty, im not diabetic, have been tested, i do take iron tablets prescribed from doc but my iron levels are normal now, dont want to take pills all the ...

 The last two week around 9p.m. my body temp is 99.2 it last from 9pm till around 3am, any reason for concern?
I am a hyprocondriac, and i normally take my temp often throughout the day. My temp is normally 97.9-98.2 during the day, i am active during the day and not the night, so im kinda worried should i be,...

 what to do?? Its 10:40 PM and i'm not tired?
What should I do?...

 I have a sleeping problem?
I sleep around 7 hours a night. But sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night, usually around an odd time (ex:1,3,5) and go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, thinking its time for school. But ...

 Are doctors allowed to not tell you what your diagnosis is?
Are doctors allowed to not tell you what your real diagnosis is and tell you something different?...

Is a body temp of 96.6 normal?

Normal human body temperature is a concept that depends on the place in the body at which the measurement is made. The value of 36.8 °C ±0.7 °C, or 98.2 °F ±1.3 °F. is the common oral measurement. Rectal measurements, or measurements taken directly inside the body cavity, are typically about a half degree Celsius (1 °F) higher. The core body temperature of an individual also tends to vary during the day and with activity level, with the lowest value in the second half of the sleep cycle; this low point, called nadir, is one of the primary markers for circadian rhythms.

In 1861, Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich claimed to measure the temperatures of one million people, and reported the average to be 37 °C.[1]

In the United States, normal human body temperature is commonly quoted as 98.6 °F which is an exact conversion of 37 °C. This implies more accuracy than is actually present, though; to maintain the correct number of significant figures, the conversion would actually just be 99 °F.

In Russia, the commonly quoted value is 36.6 °C (97.9 °F), based on an armpit reading. According to the Russian pharmaceutical chain named 36.6, "36.6 is the ideal body temperature in Centigrade for healthy adults and children".[2]

In reality, the expected normal core body temperature for an adult is expected to lie within a range of possible values. Although the range varies by source, one commonly cited normal range is 36.4 to 37.1 °C (97.5 to 98.8 °F). Due to the normal variation in human body temperature, this value could reasonably be rounded to 37 °C or 98 °F

Well, the average human body temp. is around 37 degrees Celsius.

not much of a problem.


not when you're standing next to me, gorgeous. hhmmmmm.

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