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 What is this on my legs?
i have these spots on my legs. they're red and some of them have white heads like zits, but some are just bumps. at first there were just a couple, but they've spread to both by legs and ...

 helpp me i hit my head badlyy?
earlier i was running to chase my dog cause he was about to run outside and i ran into a door full powerr and i have a hugeeeeeeeeee swollennn sore bump on my head and its soooooo painful, i'm ...

 How many hours of sleep should I be getting?
I am 16 years of age and I play a sport....

 how do you quit smoking without any drugs?
im trying to quit smoking but it doesnt seem to be working. ive tried cutting down but that dosnt seem to work.ive also tried quitting cold turkey but that didnt work either. how did you quit smoking?...

 whats wrong with my throat?
this is a little gross, since May i've had white pus on my tonsils, the thing that hangs down in the back of my throat looks like it's connected or stuck one of the tonsils.. is it an ...

 my boyfriend does heroin...please help me...?
So basically my boyfriend did heroin once and i knew that. He promised me to never do it again. About three weeks ago, he was acting very strange one day and i glanced at his arm and saw a red dot ...

 I am having a bad problem with my feet cracking and hurting from wearing flip flops alot any suggestions?
I have not found any creams or other products that help thus far!...

 My whole upper eyelid has been swollen?
for three days now. The doctor at the after hours office said I had a stye and prescribed ointment and an oral antibiotic. There has been no improvement. Is it normal for a stye to do this? All ...

 I heard there is a machine that you can wear that makes you taller is it true?
I'm not complaining about my height. I just heard that there is a machine that you can wear when you sleep and makes you taller. Added to that is a cream for your legs that makes you taller when ...

 I have become nocturnal, how do I get my sleeping patterns back to normal?
For the past week, I have been staying up all night without getting tired, and then sleeping during the day, which I usually fall asleep at noon and then get back up at 10pm. I have no idea why I'...

 i have huge trouble sleepin at night.any tips on how i could get a good nights rest???

 whats wrong with me please answer no sarcastic answers please?
i just went on a diet well yesturday i ate like 7 bites out of a salad and i was alrdy full then yesturday around dinner time my mom made popies and salad and i couldnt even finish my popie or salad ...

 Do someone have a heavy chain-smoking mom like me?
My mom is 50 years old heavy chain-smoking woman for years. She is on her 3 packs a day habit with no intense to quit or cut it.
She is smoking for about 25 years, and she is always with a ...

 brake cleaner in eyes?!?
Iritation occured for a few hours; i couldn't see for about 20 minutes while i flushed my eye out with eye cleaner. It feels normal now and I can see normally. I NEED SOMEONE WHO ACTUALY KNOWS AB...

 stop smoking?
how did u stop smoking? are there any free stop smoking aides out there?...

 Can you get boils on your eyebrow.?
at first I thought it was just a zit in my eyebrow, but then it swelled up and really hurts....

 Should I go to sleep?
It's 5:00am, and lately, I have not been getting to sleep until this time. It's because I just like to do stuff, lol. The main reason I can stay up this late, is because when I do go to bed ...

 Medical Question- No insurance plz help?
My lower eye lid is slightly swollen and a little white bump has shown up on the top of my eyelid near my eyeball, can anyone plz help I dont have the means to see a doctor and would really ...

 How can i convince my Doctor to send me over to the hospital to have a chunk of glass removed? (from my head)?
I was in a car wreck some 14 years ago... bits of glass eventually came out from above my left eye brow... i believe there is still a square of windscreen glass lodged in my head, sometimes it feels ...

 how long does it take for cocaine to be clear from your system?
b/f did a little on Friday...like 2 bumps, he says.
Urine test on this Wednesday.
5 days he will been clean on day of test.
He also is heavier set.
NOT an occationaly user

I just slept almost 3 days straight? Why?
I slept 5am yesterday till 5am today. I only got up once. At 8am this morning I was still exhausted so I slept until now (7pm).

How is this physically possible? I don't feel sick but my dreams are more vivid than usual.


Uhh... 5 am yesterday to 5 am today is ONE day.

Then till 7 is only a day and a half.

Drugs or a lot of alchohol do this.

Rebecca B
Your fine, you probably were just really really tired and i think you probably wanted just to have some rest.

You were drugged...

Uncle Ho
You might had gone through some busy work and at the same time growth spurt and maybe sick too

jess b

Someone slip ya something that is allot of sleep. Maybe get a check up :)

Vaes Vaes
wow thats a long time! and usually teens sleep a long time. if u are one. but i slept 3 days last week too. i guess its just in our nature lol idk

i think your dying

wow i agree, how is that possible? Didnt you have to go to work, school, or anything like that?

go ask a doctor..

Revan Hideki {JPA}
i did that when i was on drugs

you were really tired, exhaustion finally hit you. you weren't necessarily sick, just got some much needed sleep!

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