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I haven't slept for two days.. not tired.. can't sleep?
What's going on? I sleep pretty normally most of the time. But I have been awake for two days, just been laying in bed for 7 hours trying to sleep but... nothing.

I am not on any drugs, no coffee, no cafinated drinks... nothing out of the normal...

What should I do? I feel totally normal.

how old are you?

go c yhuurr gp

woodson w
try doing thing that make you tired ,see a Doctor

try watching something boring over and over again

brazilian king
nothing wrong with you, you are fine, you probably just got alot on your mind

Courtney Catastrophe <3
It could be excitement??
Is There Anything Coming Up T Excite You?
Are You Scared of Something?
uhhh Have You Recently Been Bitten??

(: ρєα¢є αη∂ ℓσνє :)
You're a vampire! No, I'm kidding, but what you should do is go to a doctor. He'll tell you if everything's alright.

Insomnia seems to be very common among women. You should see your GP asap. If you have been depressed or anxious it could also cause you troubles sleeping.

Lola L
I feel normal except i'm freaking out because I haven't been sleeping, it;s at 51 hours now and I don't know how long it will go for D:
I'm not tired but I think itt'l be effecting my work or school or learning ability and it's mady my typing ****. I've made so many typos in this sentence alone that I keep going back band back and I can't be bothered anymore.. arrr!
wishing you sweet reams! (hopefully!)

Is anything bothering you or are you nervous about something this will keep you up. You also could be excited about something that will do it. I wouldn't worry too much over a couple of days now if it turns into months I would see a doctor. I usually try to read in bed when I can't sleep my eyes get tired and it helps or do a lot of activities that day.

You subconscious mind could be stressed about something. You may consciously not feel stressed about something, but your subconscious mind is probably racing. Try taking a hot lavender bath 2 hours before bed. That should relax you. Also, read a nice little romance novel. Nothing exciting, or scary. If that doesn't work, do what I do. Buy a lavender filled eye pillow, place it over your eyes, and breathe in slowly through your nose, and slowly out your mouth. I hope this helps!

amazingly intelligent
Well, first of all don't drive or operate any heavy machinery. Seriously. Your reaction time is going to be extremely slow.

If you were under a great deal of emotional stress or suffering an episode of physical pain it wouldn't be of much concern that you haven't slept for two days. However, you indicate you feel totally normal. That is cause for concern. A tale-tale sign of mania and a symptom of bi-polar disorder.

See a doctor asap.

Hmm, I would try exercising before your normal bedtime or going for a good walk before it gets dark, snuggle up with a good book and something hot to drink (decaf. tea or cocoa), and take a couple of Tylenol PM's...If you still don't get some sleep, I would maybe talk to your doctor but he'll probably prescribe a light sedative if he doesn't find anything wrong in the medical sense.

Have you been taking a different vitamin? Or do you have something exciting coming up? Or did you recently get an abundance of sleep?

They do have herbal sleep tablets that dissolve under your tongue. You might try that, too...

Good luck and Goodnight, hopefully!

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