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I have been extremely tired the past 2 weeks. My legs are starting to feel like rubber. I can't wake up.?
I'm only 11 years old (don't like stalk me or anything. LOL!) And like when I wake up I just want to fall asleep. I usually fall asleep at about 10 and I have to wake up around 8 for school. I take vitamins daily and Tylenol once a week (I'm like not drunk) Any suggestions?

Bill G
i would say refrain from using the word like so much, and ask a doctor

Andrew S
If you can barely walk and only walk a few inches, then you may be VERY dehydrated. When I was your age, I climbed my first mountain and only had 1 sip of water (both up and down the mountain) because I thought I wasn't thirsty. The next few days, I was extremely tired and I could barely walk. Go to your doctor to check what it is.

NiCk J iS mY sTuDmUfFiN!!!!♥
i would try going to bed earlier. gettting more sleep might help. i'm not a doctor or anything but this might be a sign of mono. ask you parents or doctor or something for help.

secret one
First, I suggest, go to sleep earlier, second see a doctor, and do you have stress? If so..... try relaxing.... like take a hot bath, etc.

u may not b getting enough protein or fiber, try eating nuts and bananas, u may also b dehydrated, drink water

Jennifer B
go to sleep earlier and when you wake up in the morning eat some breakfast

or maybe you are sick of something go to the doctor for a check up

hope you feel better

tyler j
u should try to get into a habit and try to wake up by taking a shower that works for me and you feel a little more energized or you could just pour water on ur face and that might work but the shower works the best. i go through the same thing in school.

Linh P
tylenol, a pain relieving medicine, will kill brain cells every time you drink it. you should probally go see a doctor asap

hmm.. ur definitly getting enough sleep 4 ur age! 10 hrs is a great amount. so im not rele sure. i def dont get that much sleep lol. i fall asleep at like midnight and wake at 7. (cuz of school and homework- LOTS. ok back to topic. im not sure y u feel lik this. mayb talk to ur mom or go to doctors??? watevr it is i sure hope it gets better!! ok feel better dahling! lol

You need to go to the doctor for a thorough check up. At your age, you shouldn't be feeling so tired the way you are. You might have Mono or something and need some medicine. Have you told your mom or dad? You need to really soon. The sooner you get to the doctor, the sooner you can start getting to feel better. I hope you feel better soon.

Don Verto
Yes the first answer is very good.For many years I took iron tablets because I was always so tired and anemic.Now I am an old man now ,69 yesterday.I worked very hard all the time in the building trades.Exactly 18 years ago today I had my spleen taken out.I have not taken iron tablets since that time and I am no longer anemic. Keep your spleen Hon.With you it is probably a lot easier to fix.

Courtney <3 Josiah
go see a doctor.

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