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I have become nocturnal, how do I get my sleeping patterns back to normal?
For the past week, I have been staying up all night without getting tired, and then sleeping during the day, which I usually fall asleep at noon and then get back up at 10pm. I have no idea why I'm doing this, but I need to get my sleeping patterns back to normal, I cant keep doing this. How can I get back to normal?

Brandie D
so have i and idk wat to do so wen u get a anwser to this question plz tell me ha thanks

dont let yourself go to sleep during the day then by nighttime youll be exhasted and fall asleep at a normal time

Not to sound disrespectful, but get a job. The fact that you need to be awake at a certain hour will substantially help regulate your sleep schedule.

ummm your sorta in a pattern now.. so you have to make your body learn how to get back to normal. just try going to sleeep an hour earlier each night and after a while you should bacck to normal.. good luck :]

Start sleeping earlier even though it's hard, as you keep on doing it, your biological clock will change. Other wise you can use a sleep pill. And turn off any lights that's bright.

ruth b
Stay up all day, and then go to bed at like 10pm. You'll be tired as it is, so you'll get a good nights sleep. Start going to bed at like 10pm every night, and you should get back on track.

Delilah K
Try your hardest to go to bed at a reasonable night time ASAP. take sleeping pills or whatever you can do to go to bed. Then, try your hardest to stay awake through the day. After about 2 days, the pattern of regular sleeping should go back to normal. Good luck :)

I have had that same problem for a while. What I have discovered is that if you wake up earlier, like at 7am, you are tired earlier. If that doesn't work, use Tylonal simply sleep for about 3 nights when you want to go to bed and you should wake up about 9 hours later.

Michele B
Original has a point.
I too am "off schedule" as my job doesn't require me to be in before 10. Your biorhythms dictate what your body is most comfortable with, so you are fighting your natural tendency. I have cycled through this a few times -- the "real world" isn't nocturnal, so you have to get back into the world's schedule.
The best thing I've found is to take melatonin - Sleep MD is a good one, but most any will do. You can take this for quite a time without side effects or addiction. When I'm trying to start getting to sleep earlier so I can wake up earlier, I find I have to take it a few hours before my "targeted" bed time. If, for some odd reason, my body "fights" the melatonin, I'll add a (generic) benadryl for one or two nights to get to sleep quicker; same ingredient as the over the counter sleep aids, lots cheaper though.
Also make your self wake up a little earlier than you have been each day. Exercise or spend some time outdoors in the afternoon to "wear yourself out". AND stay away from the computer after 9pm; it is just toooo distracting!!

Instead of going to sleep at noon, try going to sleep at 8:00pm. Odds are you'll be exhausted from not sleeping. You may get up a little early, but your body will get tired a little later each night until you are back on schedule.

This is very tough, I've had similar issues off and on since 2005. The trick is to keep busy during the day so that you're tired enough to go to sleep at the same time every night. Also, try to keep a consistent sleeping schedule even on the weekends.

Don't eat anything for at least 3 hours before going to bed, this can keep you awake.

I have this problem many times during school breaks or during the Summer.
What I did to solve it was,
I stayed up the entire night, along with the day,
and then when 8-9pm hit.
I went straight to the bed and fell asleep.
I woke up in the morning around 10am.
After you beat the hard part, the rest is easy.
You'll find yourself getting tired around 9pm-10pm,
or a little earlier once you start because your body is getting used to your new sleeping pattern.
Either way.
Problem solved.

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