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 Nosebleed after being hit in the forehead?
My 3 year old son was hit in the middle of the forehead by my 2 year old son with a hard toy. The hit left a semi deep cut in the skin which of course let to a decent amount of bleeding. What I am ...

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 Could this be a sinus infection?
I have this really bad pain like sort of on the left side of my nose but on the very top and a headache too. My left ear hurts and my pains get worse when I breathe, well except for the ear pain. My ...

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 What's wrong with my knee?
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 How come it's better to wake up early rather than late?
I know we need plenty of sleep. However, why is it healthier to go to bed early rather than late?
What if you get say 10 hours sleep either way? but going to bed early is still healthier?? =S...

 dry and sore throat after i wake up how do i stop htis?
can anyone tell me how to stop this is there a way so when i wake up i wont have a dry throat? please dont tell me why i have one but how to stop ...

 i recently gave blood...?
and they told me after a few days i have B-(negative) blood.

can anyone tell me if this is rare/common.
they said it was rare but they could say that to everyone just so they make ...

 How can I heal my chapped lips?
I think I get chapped lips because of excessive licking. Erythema is also present. My life is so miserable now that I am determined not to lick my lips again. I just researched that lips have a very ...

 Why are my eyelashes wet and sticky?
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 I've just come on my period this morning and...?
I have a really sore belly, diarreah & feel sick. Have no energy too.
I took a Paracetemel but it snt really helping :(...

 Survey: Counting sheep?
1) Have you ever counted sheep when you are trying to fall asleep?
2) If so, did you actually visualize the sheep jumping over a fence in your head?
3) How high did you count before you ...

 What happens if you take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time?
I mean at the same time? Has anyone tried this?!

Would you fall asleep first or sh*t yourself?...

 what to do when you cant sleep?
i usually cant get to sleep until past 1 and its affecting my school work what would help me sleep?...

 i have reflux and im just 19 years old is that normal??!!?
im really worried because im too young to have ...

 How do I stop this from happening?
My hands won't stop shaking, I got drunk last night for the first time in over a year and now they won't stop. What can I do to make them stop and is this normal?...

 When do laxatives start to work. i just took some now?

I consumed a VERY SMALL amount of bleach?
At work these girls were squirting the bottles that we use to clean off the countertops with, which I think contain bleach, and one girl squirted it in my face. I used one to clean and got it on my hands a little, and then a few hours later I forgot I had done so and put my fingers in my mouth. I drank some Pepsi and I felt better but I contiuned to do it for a while because it just comes natural and the thought slipped my mind, and a few minutes ago i felt very itchy and i needed to scratch my body all over the place and now I feel okay but my stomach feels kind of weird. I only got squirted in the face and I didn't swallow any then but from what was on my hands a few hours after I got in my mouth and my heart is kind of hurting now as well. Please help!!

drink ALOT of water to dilute it with that small amount it might just give u a upset stomach but better safe than sorry

I suggest call or see your doctor for professional advice....the itching and those weird feeling may be serious...?Idk, some people don't respond to consuming a little of bleach but best to get it checked out.

Your good bro believe it or not some people that smoke weed pour a cap of bleach in a glass of water and drink it to clean your system

Bleach commonly called sodium hypochlorite when ingested in small amount are usually benign. Ingestions of low concentration needs vigilant observation for any signs of deterioration is of utmost importance. Signs of mental status deterioration, episode of vomiting, respiratory problem (i.e. difficulty breathing) needs emergency room treatment and in-patient hospitalization. Poison control recommends close observations for signs of vomiting, p.o. fluids can be given in small amounts for minor cases.

The amount of ingestion and time varies, moderate amount when ingested may necessitate hospitalization for blood work-up and close observation.

For patients with mental status change, radiographic evalution including arterial blood gas is needed. Watch for signs of possible bilateral pneumothorax, hypotension, and metabolic acidosis in severe cases. Incidence of cardiac arrest have occured in the past. Again, systemic toxic effect such as pneumonitis is possible even with small amount of ingestion. Recommendation is to get check in the emergency room, or follow up with your primary medical doctor. Also call the poison control hotline at 1 (800) 222-1222 for more information.

Skcissors G
Since you drank pepsi might've been a sugar rush idk lol same thing happend to me when i was a kid i FREAKED OUT lol and had the same stuff as you but im perfectly normal -Twitches- Perfectly normal :)

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