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I've pushed ear wax deep into my ear?
I was cleaning my ears out yesterday with cotton buds and in my right ear I must have pushed wax further back. It's been 24 hours and ive tried to clear it out. I can't hear very well out of it and I'm getting worried. I don't want the eardrum to become infected or anything! So far ive tried scooshing a hand-held shower head directly into the ear for 5 minutes - didn't work. Tried tilting my head to the side and dripping some very hot water into the ear to melt the wax and waiting until the water cools.. then using some cotton to see if it's cleared the wax out some... that didn't work either! I'm getting really worried - what can I do? Will I have to go to the doctors and get some eardrops or something?

Hit the doctor and get them to flush your ear out. You can buy stuff to do this at home, but given how deeply it seems to be impacted, I'd not mess with it any more.

I regularly use hydrogen peroxide to clean out my ears; you can also use rubbing alcohol (especially if you think you might have some water stuck in there). The only problem with peroxide or alcohol is if you're susceptible to ear infections, in which case you should probably see your ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor) to clean out your ears. Your primary care physician might be able to do it, also. I spoke to my ENT about it, and she recommended using peroxide to regularly clean out my ears. It works well. As the others said, do NOT use Q-tips in yours ears, only on the outside of the canal (like on the lobes or outer cartilage, if necessary to clean that part of the ear). A good rule of thumb is to not stick anything "smaller than your elbow" in your ear canal.

You should never use cotton buds to clean your ears as the inner ear is very delicate and you could damage it. If you have a wax problem then you should use ear drops to move the wax and if it is bad then get it cleared by the nurse. As for this problem don't use cotton buds anymore but go and see your doctor.

If you think you have pushed the wax too far then go and see your GP straight away. Very hot water is not the answer - your ear drum is very delicate. Hydrogen Peroxide is even worse being an acid (amongst other things.) You probably haven't perforated your eardrum but wax pushed over the ear drum will deaden your perception of sound so that might be it. Eardrops, particularly oil-based ones take a long time to work with big lumps of wax. You will proabably have to have to syringed. (I suffer from very heavy ear wax build so I have to go to the GPs about once a quarter to get it syringed out. Before I go I have to use heavy duty ear drops for two weeks to soften the lumps up.) BTW, you should never, ever use cotten buds on your earhole!

take a small cap of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with water. If you have one of those things (i can't remember what there called, but they look like little turkey basters), put it in that and put the peroxide and water into your ear for a minute or two.

Live fast, die young
Go to the doctors they will syringe it for you, totally painless and it will get the job done.

Hydrogen peroxide. It's much cheaper than "Debrox" at your local drug store. IF that doesn't work, presume you've got one of the cotton buds in your ear canal. You'll need a doctor to get it out.

Tom H
yeah you have to go to the doc's they hook it out

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