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Butterfly queen
How does it take a liver regenerate itself and how long does it usually take?
When a doctor tells you that your liver enzymes are not in balance (or whatever the proper medical way of saying this), how long does it take the liver to regenerate itself? How does it go about regenerating itself? Are the B vitamins essential for the liver to regenerate?

Also, is it true that one must take unpasteurized yogurt along wth the B vitamins in order for them to work efficiently ??


One month.................


Ask your doctor why your liver enzymes are elevated. There is a varitey of Hepititis A B C
Not sure about the yogert. I know it is good for your digestion especially after an antibiotic.
There are many reasons for hepitis (infection of the liver)
Your doctor needs to let you know why your liver enzyms are high
Some infections of the liver are contageous.

You might have trouble digesting fatty foods while your liver is infected

It depends on what caused the problem to begin with. If the problem is Hepatitis A, B, or C, Mono, or alcoholism, or Tylenol, or medications that are hard on the liver, then these need to be dealt with first.

high enzyme levels it usually normalizes it self when you find the reason it can be alcohol medicine drugs hepatitis and believe it or not eating to much then remove the reason or cure the problem and that's the end of it B vitamins are aways helpful but when it comes to the liver antioxidants are the answer especially L-Glutathion Alpha Lipoic Acid Milk thistle Artichokes Green tea this one have a protection effect on the Liver

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