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 Can a doctor tell if I just quit smoking?
Nothing major. I'm over 18 and I smoked for the past year (about a pack a week) and I was just wondering if they can tell that I used to smoke by listening to my lungs or anything. Obviously ...

 i cant stay awake during the day!?
i usually go out at night, sometimes never actually making it to bed, so i usually take like a 2 or 3 hour nap during the day so ill have the energy to go out at night, which seems to work pretty ...

 Anyone ever use WD40 on knee joints to relieve swelling and weak knee feeling?

 plz help why do i not feel sleepy?
now a days i feel sleepy only @ 2 am and i wake up@10 am before i used to sleep early and get up early why is it so and i play football daily for 2 hrs i don't sleep in the afternoons ...

 I have got some mysterious bruises. Is something wrong with me?
I eat normal as well, but once a missed my period for four months. Is there anything wrong with me?

btw, its not many bruises yet, i have three i just noticed but i dont do sports ...

 Switching sleep routine back around for school?
School is starting back on thursday and duringsummer holidays ive gotton into a routine of staying up till the early hours and as a result sleeping much longer the next day.I need to be up at 6 30 ...

 I don't understand how drinking Visine could hurt somebody?
I just heard a reference on TV where this guy said "Yah, they all hate me. I'm pretty sure someone's going to put visine in my coffee tomorrow." What does that mean...?...

 Something bit me in my sleep last night & it is red puffy?
I was awoke at night to have been bitten by an intruder in my bed. Its right between my toes & I even had my sleepies on, which cover from my neck to my feet. Now this morning my toes are red ...

 My eyelid has been "twitching" all weekend. What causes this and what can I do about it?
It's driving me crazy! It's my left eyelid, it's been doing it since Friday. Does this happen to anyone else fairly often?...

 How to stop being nocturnal?
What's the best way to snap out of being nocturnal?
Lately I've been going to bed around 8 am
Waking up at about 4 pm
It's frustrating
Tonight I tried to go to bed ...

 If you started back smoking after having quit, what rate did you smoke before you quit, and after restarting?

 help? bad sleeping habit..?
i try to go to bed early at like 9:30 pm to get atleast 9-10 hrs of sleep , however when i try to sleep early i usually cant fall asleep. is there any methods so tat i can get my 9-10hrs ? they say ...

 I am pretty sure that I have STREP but I DON'T have HEALTH INSURANCE! I'm upstate, NY... what can I do??...
I have no health insurance but have had strep many times before, with ins. Now, what can I do? I don;t want to DIE from it but cannot afford a Dr.s visit... I'm upstate NY near poughkeepsie/...

 is it fair to charge an obese person for an extra plane ticket?
they are not taking up any more space than a disabled person in a wheel chair, so why are they forced to buy two tickets?...

 what will keep moiture away from face caused by drooling while you sleep. it is breaking out my face?

 Why do I get a headache at the same time everyday at work?

 Strange thing happens as I fall asleep....?
This is troubling. I do NOT believe it is sleep apnea as I do not have this after I fall asleep. This strange thing only occurs PRIOR to falling asleep...as I am starting to drift off to sleep. (I...

 Is there such thing as arthritis of the back?
My back is always stiff, sore and aching all the time. It comes from me being in previous car accidents a few years ago but I did get therapy for the back injuries. They also told me that your back ...

 what's the difference between Alzheimer's and Dimentia?

 Excessive Salt?
I am just really curious about what can happen if someone eats to much salt. I'm not just talking about eating a lot of salty foods.
I am just curious about salt overdoes.
Well lately ...

Drinking Expired Starbucks Frappuccino Year Old???
I some how accidently drank a little bit, maybe about 2oz of a starbucks vanilla frappuccino and then i say it expired about 14 months ago. I saw it did contain milk. What do You think this will do to me? I also kind of have a lactose intollerance ontop of the expired milk.


You will probably self destruct in 2 weeks time.!

Well if you haven't vomited yet or you don't feel sick, I'd say you're okay :P Besides, most food nowadays has enough preservatives to keep it edible for waaaaaaay passed the expiration date.

Bad case of food poisoning, allergic reactions and osmotic diarrhoea. That's all I have to say. Just scramble to the nearest hospital for treatment if you are feeling unwell. That is, if you are not pretty crapped up by then.

Richelle Chua
stomach ach

Diana V
I would drink a lot of water and call a medical hot-line just to make sure that you don't have an allergic reaction ... I also would take some beano that is for lactose intolerant effects and may help you .... I really don't think that nothing major will happen to you ... I hope this puts you at ease a little and helps you ... best wishes

How on earth did you get your hands on a year old frappuccino?...
You must be saving it to conduct this preposterous experiment of yours...
Maybe you'll "devolve" into some sort of an inferior creature...

What I'm wondering is how you got your hands on something like that. I also don't understand why you drank it if you're lactose intolerant. Really, why?

Can you get sick from drinking expired milk?:

Go see a doctor.

Masked Musketeer
I'd like to know just how on earth you got your hands on a year old frappacino. Perhaps its time you cleaned out your fridge. What other cool things have you got in there?

Lactose intolerance doesn't kill you. It just gives you osmotic diarrhea. So you will probably just crap your pants...but other than that, drinking year old coffee, or any other drink for that matter will probably give you a bad case of the runs (food poisoning). Time to see a doctor if you do get sick.

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