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 sometimes I really feel like I am going to die the day before I get on my period. I also have heart problems?
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What are they and what are they for?...

 I get dizzy but only when I lay on my left side...what's that about?

Steph G
Does drinking alot of water cause more frequent bowel movements?

Not really but the reverse may be true.... if you have frequent bowel movements, especially diarrhoea, you will get very thirsty as your body will be losing a lot of water. This will mean that you will end up drinking a lot of water. It is recommended that an adult should drink about 2 litres of water per day to stay healthy... any less than that and you are in danger of becoming dehydrated, which you may experience as having headaches or difficulty in concentrating (the human thirst response is actually a very poor indicator of how much water we need). If you suffer from frequent bowel movements for any length of time and this is different to your previous "normal" bowel pattern (and you haven't changed your diet in any way, except drinking more water) then you should talk to your doctor in case you have some underlying bowel or digestive problem.

Only if you were unhealthy in your drinking in the first place, or you become unhealthy in "overdrinking water." And, yes, you can. Common sense is the key.

Nope. Not that I have noticed. I once drank nothing but water (and occasional alcohol) for an entire year and didn't notice any real change in my bowel movements. This answer got me to level 3. Thanks.

yes it does...it works for me....also taking fiber tablets acheive frequent bowel movements

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