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 Can I give blood with this?
My school holds a blood drive every couple months and soon I'm going to be old enough to give blood! I'm really excited. This is something I'm really passionate about and want to do. I ...

 How to get to sleep when you're not that tired?
Okay, so I slept round my friend's house yesterday; we went to bed at about 4am and woke up at 10am, and I was super tired. I went home at about 2pm, fell asleep about 3 and woke up at 7. Right ...

 I can't sleep!!!!?
I can't sleep at all! My panic disorder has been keeping me up late at nights to the point where even if I'm completely worn out, I can't get to sleep because of attacks! And I have my ...

 Why does my daughter sweat so much at night, could something be wrong?
My 3 year old daughter has always sweat a lot when she slept, but the past couple nights she wakes up crying and is completely soaked. She doesn't have a temp. and it isn't that warm in ...

 How can I get my energy back?
I've become really lazy lately. I just cba to do anything. I'm not depressed.
1) how can I get my energy back?
2) how can I sort out my messed up sleeping pattern?

 I have a sharp stabbing pain in my left side,under rib cage, what is it?
I am not a smoker, not due to exertion or exercizing, not a cracked or broke rib. I do have asthma but that does not seem to be the problem, can't take a breath hardly when it starts hurting ...

 So tired? loads of sleep? Whyy?
Lastnight i went to bed around 3am, i woke up around 10am or something but went straight back to sleep and woke up throughout, i didnt actually get out of bed until 4pm ish, its now 01:40 am, and ...

 Stomach growling but different than normal growling, what could it be?
Stomach growling but different than normal growling, what could it be? No pain, but the growling sounds and area are different than the typical stomach growling....

 Why cant i sleep? My head feel heavy but i feel great??? I wana go to bed and have a good snooze!!!?
i slept at 6am the other day and woke up at 4.30pm. Now its
9am and i feel like i got so much energy. I haven;t slept since 4:30pm the other day. Is there something wrong about this!! I know ...

 Ear infection or dislocated jaw.. ?
Every time I try to open my mouth it hurts in the left jaw joint real bad.. The pain surges down to my my bottom teeth.. Can't hardly open my mouth from the pain.....

 I just graduated High school and i finally decided to become a pharmacy tech......?
then from there if i really enjoy it then become a pharmacist...but my problem is i really dont know where to begin like i start college in August but dont really know what classes to take, so can ...

 Losing my voice : *****(?
I have to go back to school in a day. I lost my voice. What should I do if I need a bathroom pass or help on an asignment?...

 Is it really that bad to hold your pee?
I hold my pee, alot until the last second. Either I am in bed and too lazy to get up or I'm at work and don't have time. I read that you can get kidney problems if you hold it on a ...

 Are there any other options I have beside going to a doctor?
I have pressure in my head and a painful area in front of my right ear. No fever. I don't want to go to a doctor, but I'm also unsure about what I have or if I need to. There's no pain ...

 how to get your parents to quit smoking?

 dizziness....... what could be wrong (Please answer)??????
Ok, I've been having this problem for a long time, whenever I'm lying down or even just sitting on a chair, and then I suddenly get up, I start getting all dizzy, and black out for a couple ...

 Help Sinus and EYe Infection should i swim?
I'm On Antibiotics for infected sinus and Antibiotic Drops Beacause My eyes are infected from the mucus Draining into my eyes I have Swimming class Monday Should I swim? is it a Good Idea? If i ...

 Is someone who is trans-gender considered eligible for disability?
On Dr. Phil last week they had a show about people living and dealing with gender identity disorder or being trans-gender. The show mentioned the fact that these people were denied work opportunities ...

 i have no energy through out the day, and i feel tired?
i feel like i always am tired and i never have energy.
how could i get more energy or fell more awake and ...

 Why do I always feel tired and sleep for very long and continious hours?

Richard D
Do the eyes continue to grow after birth?

No your eyes are the same size now as they were when you were born it is the only part of your body that doesn't grow.

Little Lisa

No, they are the same size your whole life. That is why people always comment on how large and beautiful baby's eyes are.

No, it not happens


Do your eyes grow like the rest of your body?

Your eyes do grow as you age, but only a little bit. This is why babies have such big eyes. The rest of their bodies is much smaller than a full grown adult, but their eyes are about the same size. So as you grow, your face and body get much bigger to "catch up" with your eyes.

I would think so. Our eyes are not the same size that they were when we were born...

At birth, a baby's eyes are about 75% the size of an adult eye. Says the internet.
So, yes they continue to grow.

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