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 sometimes it really stings when I pee?
I have had this problem on and off for like at least since I was 13 and im now about to turn 18 and it's not an STD.. what could this be? it happens a few times a month and hurts so bad I get ...

 is it not good for you to take a shower after you eat?

 What is wrong with me? ?
Whenever I stand up I black out; my ears start ringing, my vision goes out and everything is just black. Recently I've actually started fainting when this happens. I'll stand up, black out, ...

 Please, I need help to quit smoking?
I am 16 years old, and I have been smoking for 1 year a 3 months now. I desperately want to quit smoking asap. Can someone give me some websites or some info to help? Thank you....

 What is wrong with me... I really dont feel well?
I have a headache, feel like Im going to pass out, the glands in my groin have swollen so I cant even cross my legs, I have a stiff neck, runny nose... Any ideas what could be wrong with me. R...

 I have a pain in my left eye, and throat and my left eardrum is popping like crazy, any ideas?
Weirdly the left side of my scalp is feeling numb, and teeth in the left part of my mouth are extra sensitive, I know the obvious answer is gonna be go see a doctor, but I was looking for something a ...

 i stay tired all the time i can't seem to relax when i sleep my musles stay tight and tense why?
I am 54 years old and I work as a waitress and I married to the greatest guy possible I just can't seem to get up and move around to get the house clean the way i want and I just don't ...

 Why is it that I cant sleep?
I am a 15 year old girl and if I do not go outside for atleast 1 hour a day and do some kind of physical activity such as walking my dog or running or kicking a soccer ball etc. then that night I can ...

 I used to scream in a band now my throat is always dry, what can i do to fix this? Will i need surgery?
I screamed in a band for about 6 months until i quit because i noticed my throat getting dry. Unfortunately i didn't quit early enough. My throat is constantly dry and i sleep with half a ...

 can you help me stop sweating?
ok so i am 13 and my pitts sweat really bad during the day. any ways to stop it?...

 Obamas health plan stinks?
I hear that smokers will get a 62 cents tax to fund children health care. That a child that is 30 years old or younger.(beats me) To fund this we will need 24 million more smokers to have the money. D...

 Help! I can't fall asleep. I've tried everything!?
I've literally tried everything. My room is dark, it is at a cool temperature. I've tried relaxing music, but I still can't fall asleep. I read at least a dozen guides and followed ...

 do dents from glasses go away?
i have pretty bad dents on both sides of my head from glasses i was wonderiing would they go away? i asked the guy at the glasses store he said they dont but idk if he was just joking with me but i ...

 please help how to get cigarette smoke smell out of my clothes?
i live with my grandparints and they smoke a pack a day each and they do all there smokeing down stars and my rooms up stars but when i go to school ppl tell me i smell bad and there this one girl i ...

 Haven't slept at all, not tired. Should I go to sleep?

 Very loose and Very Black Stool - I'm on iron, but have never had this happen before?
Today I had a very lose and very black stool. It was my third bowel movement of the day, and I had been having stomach cramps right before for each. Then, they would go away after I was finished. The ...

 BP 90/55...HR 40..Blood Oxygen Level 100% is this normal?
At my last check up, these were my results, the doctor seemed extremely surprised and had to take my pulse multiple times. Is this bad?...

 What are some ways to help go to sleep?
I can never sleep, and then the next morning at school i am SOOOOO tired. Like right now it's 3:23 and i'm WIDE awake, and if it's a school night, I usually get to bed about 2:30 AM ...

 i took 3 pills of tylenol pm. im supposed to take 2 though. ill be fine right?
im 20 years old i took it to sleep but i accidently took 1 more. i cant overdose or anything right?...

 Where do I get health care now?
Where am I suppoesed to get my health care? I am working a minimum wage job for 30 hours a week and am not covered by insurance. All I hear is talk that I am going to have to pay up to $1000 if I ...

Do enemas hurt If you do it by yourself?
I'm curious.

Póg Mo Thóin
So long as your lubricate your anus and don't force in the nozzle it should not hurt you. They will cause some discomfort as the peristaltic contractions begin. I do not use disposable saline enemas (Fleet) as I do not like the burning sensation or the recurrence as the sodium phosphate works to draw moisture through the colon wall. I have used 1 to 2 quart warm water enemas for decades and never hurt myself.

Susan Yarrawonga
Enemas need to be done correctly to avoid any damage to your system. If you get ample fiber from plenty of fruit and vegetables you should never need an enema. An enema should only be a very last resort if everything else has failed.

No, they do not. If an enema hurts, than you have another health issue, like internal hemorrhoids. An enema can only be inserted as deeply as the neck of the nozzle is long, so you won't be able to insert it too far. Good luck.

>"Do enemas hurt If you do it by yourself?" Only if you trip and fall!

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