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jack p
Collapsing for no reason?
Hi Guys, just wondering if you could help me resolve something,

I started feeling ill last night with serious pains in my stomach, then I started being sick for about an hour. I managed to finally get to sleep and woke up this morning about 7 for College, but I was still feeling ill but decided I had to go, as I was walking to my door I collapsed and had a black out. I had a glass in my hand and managed to fall on it and split my hand open, the next thing I know is my Dad is standing at my door asking me what I was doing and that I was laying on glass, I managed to get up but did not remember a thing, then my Dad went to get me a drink whilst I lay on my bed, but when I got up to get the drink once he had handed it to me, I collapsed again, spilling the drink all over me. I have been feeling ill all day too. Any answer would be much appreciated :) Thanks

cancer or aids.

you wont find the answer on this site buddy, u need to go to a doctor soon, because it can actually be cancer which is pretty f*cking terrible

Joe Blows
Obviously there is a reason. We are not doctors on here, go to yours.

Could be diabetes! Same thing happened to my friend last yr, ( the fainting thing) she went to the Dr and she had diabetes.
It is important that you see a doctor ASAP! Take a few days off rom school and sleep and get your body back to normal!
BUT GO SEE A DOCTOR ASAP! - They can help you!

Im no expert but... this sounds like the seriousness that you should take it up with the doctor soon as possible.

Will Burr
Time to see a doctor if you care about your health whatsoever.

Even if it's nothing serious it's worth the doctor's visit to be told that so you can be certain you're healthy.

Blacking out twice and sharp abdominal pains is very urgent. If you have an emergency ward, I'd go there, but if possible I'd call around and find a doctor who's a bit cheaper and can see you TODAY. If you're in England, they're probably closed so I'd sleep on the couch with someone checking on you and go in tomorrow.

collins m
You really need to see a Dr. Most Colleges have a nurse on duty you can go there first. Dont take this lightly. It could be low blood sugar, but it could be more. Please dont ignore this. Praying you are well soon!

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