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 frm lst 2 month wenever i get even a very small wound or scar inside my mouth it gets conveted into ulcer WHY?
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 Has anyone had surgery to correct sleep apnea??
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 Know about convulsions during sleep?
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 does a cpap stop snoring?
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 does kidney stones have anything to do with taking too many pain meds?

Chewable pills viable when swallowed?
If I swallow a chewable pill (vitamins, tums, etc.) will it be as effective as if it had been chewed?

Yes, most chewable medications will whether swallowed or chewed. HOWEVER - Tums is the exception to this rule. Tums and all other antacids work by neutralizing the acid in your stomach. By swallowing a Tums tablet whole, only the surfaces of the tablet react with your stomach's acid. When you chew a Tums tablet think of how much more of the medicine is exposed to your stomach's acid - exponentally more, thereby neutralizing more of your stomach acid and working much better. Yes, it would dissolve over time, but you want that relief fast. (Be sure to take it with at least 8 oz. of water.) Vitamins are different because the nutrients from it are absorbed in the intestines, so it has more time to break up in the stomach.

A quick answer is yes but on second thought there are pills and there are other pills.In the case of vitamins the package must clearly read "chewable."If it does not it you will not get all the benifits of the vitamins.If it definitley is chewable and you swallow the pill whole not to worry.The pill will disolve in the gatric/intestial fluid of your digestive tract and the vitamins will get into your bloodstream a little less faster than if you had chewed them.

Lovely H
You'll be fine.

Usually, although some may take longer to break down than if you chewed them, and so may not take effect as quickly. May God bless and keep you.

You bet! They just make them chewable for people who have trouble taking pills.

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