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 I've been sleeping on a couch for 9 years, is it bad for my health?
Im 15 years old, and have been sleeping on a couch for almost 9 years. My EVIL grandma moved in my house 9 years ago, and forced me to sleep on the couch. My house has only 2 bedrooms and, has to ...

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 How to get most efficient sleep(rest)?
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 how did you quit smoking ?
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 How can I fall asleep faster without taking sleeping aides?
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 How to rid of an enlarged tastebud?
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 How did you quit smoking?

 Do you think you could grow abnormally large if?
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 nymph glands - what are they and why does my son have a protruding one?
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 am I crazy or is my temp playing games with me?
For the past two days mostly today I have had temps ranging form 98.8 to 99.3 to 99.6 to 99.9 but the will go up and down and yes before you ask I take my temp to much. What could explain this I feel ...

 I've been sleeping on a couch for 9 years, will it effect my health?
Im 15 years old, and have been sleeping on a couch for almost 9 years. My EVIL grandma moved in my house 9 years ago, and forced me to sleep on the couch. My house has only 2 bedrooms and, has to ...

Cant sleep at night. Only during the day.?
No matter how hard i try, i can only sleep during the day. only when i've stayed up for days can i sleep at night. Its the worst feeling in the world, and i feel like im going crazy, because i know im tired but my body wont sleep. i cant afford to go to the doctor for meds, so what do i do?! I've tried fixing my 'sleep schedule' but thats not it either. i had this same problem years ago while i was in foster care but it gradually went away, but now its coming back. im thinking its due to stress, but what do i do, i feel like im at a dead end and i just dont feel good at all. it cant be insomnia because i can sleep, just during the day. HELP!


It sounds like you need some pretty radical approaches to try to overcome this. Here are a few:

1. Eat a protein snack 2 hrs before you want to go to bed. Don't eat or drink after.
2. Wear gloves and socks to bed and keep the bedroom at 70 degrees
3. Start an audiobook (with a timer so it turns off in 20 min) just before you lay down to keep your mind occupied.
4. Do a brain dump on paper before you go to bed - just write down everything that is bouncing around in your head.
5. Last but not least, take deep breaths where each breath cycle takes at 10 seconds and as you are inhaling or exhaling, focus on the sound of your breath and the feel of the air rushing over your lip. You can count breaths if you want.

By the way, your problem can still be considered a form of insomnia. The brain dump should be particularly effective.

I have an excellent resource with a lot more radical tips on how to get to sleep in more detail. I have posted the link below if you are interested.

Good luck finally catching your Z's again,

I hope some one can give some help I too can not sleep at night have been this way for years I was up all night when my kids was little and then I would sleep all day when they were at school when my kids got older I got a job and worked all night so I had a reason to sleep all day and know one would ask questions that way now im not working and can not find a job at night and im up all night and sleep all day and my family does not know what to do with me I think it may be too late for me I should have tryed to get help be for now this has been like this for me for 35 years please go to a dr.and try to get help be for you have wasted your life like me hope some one will give you a answer that will help you I know how hard it is .

your probaly part vampior

drink NyQuil

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