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Can you hurt yourself from coughing too hard?
A couple of days ago, I noticed a somewhat sore throat, but it didn't feel like a normal sore throat. I looked in the mirror with a flash light and noticed a sort of swelling in the back of my throat on one of the sides. Now when I swallow it hurts but is tolerable. Its very annoying and I think it might be getting worse but its still early. I also am just now getting off a horrible coughing spree. Could it have happened from me coughing too hard? Is it a pulled muscle or something from that? Or could it be an infection of some sort? There is a little bit of redness but its mostly just a swelled up lining of tissue or something.

If it's swelling, you probably have some sort of infection. I believe the swelling is an adenoid, or a swollen lymph gland, which is usually an indicator of infection. It probably didn't happen from coughing too hard, but you can hurt yourself from that. I had something a while back, and several coughing sprees, and I found out recently that one of the discs in my back is herniated, which probably happened as a result of coughing, and I'm only 14! Bad age to have back problems. Go to the doctor and have it checked out. They can give you medicine so you don't cough so hard, and they can test your throat to see if it might be strep or something. Especially if it starts growing white lumps.

Kim R
Yes, people have actually broken their ribs just from coughing.

This isn't happening because you coughed too hard. You're just having a reaction to spring time most likely. But to answer your question: yes you can definitely hurt yourself from coughing or sneezing. Although rare, and most of the time would have a pre-existing condition.

Swelling on the side could be your tonsils, or just a generally inflamed area. Give it a few days and if you don't get better, then go see a doctor.


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