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Can you drink beer with a possible UTI?
I think I have a possible UTI, but tonight I am going out with friends and I want to have a few beers. Is it ok to drink beer with a UTI?

I will answer your questions as asked and try to provide some insight/education.
You say you THINK you have a UTI. That means you have not contacted/seen your Dr. yet. You have waited to do so why??? You are going out with a few friends and want to know if it's OK to drink beer with a UTI. Well I would say that a FEW, yes you CAN but the better question is SHOULD you. The answer to that is no. Until you know exactly what is wrong with you I would cease your intake of alcohol. Alcohol in your system can lead to misleading test results, it can also cause other issues with a UTI that I am not comfortable getting into in this format. What you should be drinking is lots of water and believe it or not, Cranberry Juice. So even though you probably won't, stay away from the alcohol at least until you see the Dr.
I hope I have helped you. Good luck with the UTI and enjoy your night out with your friends.
Happy New Year to you, your family and your friends.

I wouldn't do that if I were you. If you DO have a UTI, then it would burn like crazy when you pee because of the Alcohol in the beer.

Beer is not a good idea. UTI hurts really bad when you pee, most people will know when they have one. It hurts or burns. I had a UTI and drunk like 5 gallons of water, with intervals of glasses of cranberry juice. I got rid of my UTI in 2 days becuase I drunk water, and cranberry juice all day and night. Cranberry juice will target the dangerous bacteria from the UTI and flush it out when you pee, and water just keeps you hydrated and makes you urinate frequently.

UTI can be dangerous if left alone, it'll spread to the kidneys and slow kidney production. Things like salty drinks or sugary drinks can make a UTI become inflamed and worse. If you don't like cranberry juice there's always a cranberry pill.

It's not "usual" for a man to have UTI. I hope you have been seen and are treated already.

No alcohol - because it doesn't go with most antibiotic.

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