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whats a good cure for vertigo???
I keep on have these dizzy spells. it feels as though the room is spinning I have already cleaned out my ears but it didn't help does any one know anything!!

there is this medicene that you can buy at walmart. I don't knwo the name though. It comes in a little capsule. My doctor told me to use it because I have vertigo real bad.

if it is something called BENIGN POSITIONAL VERTIGO... (look it up on the internet if you don't believe what I'm about to say)....it is caused by tiny crystals inside the MIDDLE EAR (way down deep) that dislodge and fall on the nerve inside the ear making you feel unbalanced and dizzy...once those crystals are dislodged again and fall back into place, you will be fine again... that's why the person above me a couple of people felt FINE after someone HIT HIM in the head... it basically bounced the crystals off the nerve..

Michelle M
If it is an ear infection, you will need medication. The infection is in the middle or inner ear, not the outer ear, so you cleaning out your ears will not solve the problem.

I had vertigo due to double ear infections last summer. The dizziness, spinning room, loss of balance, and nausea were awful. I was prescribed one medicine to help with the nausea and one to fight the ear infection.

That's the simple and probably most common cause of vertigo, but there could be other reasons. Please get it checked out.

k9mom ♥s my Nora dog
A possible cure for vertigo is going to your doctor and telling him what your symptoms are and how the ears getting cleaned did not relieve the dizzies. He may want to run a few tests. It's not something to fool around with alone.

However, I've had the same problem after I was in a car accident (my truck rolled 3 times) and I had a concussion. Basically, until you find the cause, move slowly. Sit up slowly when getting out of bed, and wait for your head to clear before you stand up. Don't make sudden movements, either. If you feel the dizzies, just stop. You don't want to fall and hurt yourself.

Go back to the doc, ok?

Rita S
Go to the doctor to find cause of Vertigo. They have medicines : Antivert or Meclizine. They are very effective for the symptoms after you find the cause. Good Luck.

Mdme. Mango Keeps it Real
Drink more tequila

See your doctor, it's an inner ear problem. Might just be an infection but some people get Menieres disease which makes them get spells like that.

Vertigo is a spatial disorientation that can be caused by a wide variety of things. Vertigo can be caused by watching the wrong movie, like Cloverfield. It can be caused by medications, including over the counter. It can be caused by a botched eyeglass prescription. It can be caused by a variety of diseases, and it can be triggered by an injury. It can even be the result of the blood restriction which results from the muscle constrictions that often accompany fatigue or extreme stress.

You should be concerned with whether your vertigo is temporary or persistent. If you calm yourself and lie down and possibly add a cool wet towel to your forehead, and the spell eventually goes away, then you can relax and go about your life. If, however, it persists, or it returns, then you may have a biological cause that can only be determined by a medical professional.

So, relax, lie down, don't be afraid, and try waiting it out. In most cases, it will simply go away. If it does not, then see a doctor.

i don't know a cure.

this can be a symptom of an ear infection, or lots of scarier things. you really need to see a doc about this.

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