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what happens if you need your appendix taken out?

It doesn't really do anything, so don't worry.

u go thro surgery

You die.

i had mine out. basically, you get to be on morpheen for like 3 days straight, miss a week of school/work, and lose a lot of freaking weight. like 10 pounds. :/

You have an appendectomy (the name for getting your appendix removed). It's become a very simple process with modern medicine.

You will know you have appendicitis (what you get if you need your appendix taken out) if you have severe pain in your lower right abdomen, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc.

If you think you have appendicitis you should go see your doctor.

Rachel (2010)
u can die..u need to get surgery right away if u knw they need taken out

It's taken out through surgery. No real problem unless you don't take it out. Then, it becomes a ball of poison that bursts and kills you.

A Landers
Well, it hurts real bad.
You go to the hospital.
They put you to sleep
They remove the appendix
You wake up and go home
You are sore for a week or so
The end

u go get surgery
and the cut your side
and they take it right out

Dallas s
you have to go to the hospital immediately and they remove it, no big deal

Sean D
if your wondering why, well your appendix controls miner muscles in your legs, but if it becomes infected you may lose circulation. they must surgically remove it before it crosses into your blood flow.
if your wondering after words. it will be very painful to walk. your miner muscles are getting used to going with out a base, which causes major stress on your blood flow. it may hurt even when your sitting or lying down. it will go away as long as your leg is healing.
although there have been minor incidents where there was a spread and a minor muscle failed and they had to replace it.
but its only a 1/600 chance

Xion B
you will get sick and have a pain in the right front lower abdomen.
Then you go to the doctor who either misdiagnoses it and sends you home to die, or sends you to emergency for an appendectomy.

~* :) *~
You have major pains in your abdomen. Pains that make it hard for you to stand up straight.

It needs to be removed if this ever happens - appendicitis. If it doesn't, it can rupture - which isn't a good idea.

You have surgery for a licensed doctor to perform the operation.

Milicent Pottywinkle
You go in for surgery and they remove it. The appendix is basically a functionless organ and can be removed without any harmful effects.

ummm. u get it taken out

Stephen T
You have surgery and they take it out. It is a useless organ as far as the scientists know.

you either get it take out, or it gets worse and it ruptures... not a pleasant feeling, to say the least.
if you catch it, then it's a pretty easy surgery, but if you don't, it's not.

well then you get your appendix taken out

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