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Gab s
what happens if i take 3 advil pm's at once?

u fall asleep....goodnight & sleep tight! dont let the bed bugs bite if they do beat them with your shoe until they're black and blue

well you might get sick but you wont die so just dont do it

Brianna M
nothing its not that bad but i wouldnt recommend it. dont cut urself or anything cuz ur blood will be rly thin and dont do it again

you will get rid of the pain but make sure you drink alot of water with them it wont really hurt you..NO you did not overdose..Dont worry

probably nothing can't you take up to 2?.. so 3 probably won't make much of a difference. idk why don't you just not do it.

Pamela H
idk it depends on wats its used for , if its for tooth pain u can take up to 600 mg but ask a relative. Read the bottle or also ask a doctor.

ok first off NO you WONT die..i took 20 no not 2.. 20 (whole bottle) of tylenol pms yes back when i was young, dumb, and sucidal... and my mom took me to the ER and i had to keep getting blood drawn to make sure my tylenol level wasnt going up any higher then spent 10 hours straight throwing up.. lesson learned.. so basically.. its fine..you could take 5 and still be fine but if you have to take that many to get to sleep you may have a problem.. the dr. told me most cases it wont hurt you unless you take like 30 or more..

really tired, vomit, umm not sure what else check google.com for more info

Please dont do this. The kind of sleep sleep-aids produce is not ussually healthy sleep (REM), Advil PM will make you sleep but you will likely feel lethargic the entire next day. Its the same reaction as with alcohol.

To sleep better 1st ask yourself this --is there ever a time, day or night that you DO sleep well, even if for an hour or so? If yes, then the problem is you need to take control of circadian rhythms. This is kinda hard, and it takes about 5-7 days, but trust me you'll sleep great when you syncronize this.

well, first off- you don't die- silly people. but, that is too much for one time, you are only supposed to take 2 at a time, right? if you overdose on aspirin, or tylenol, or advil, any of those products, they can damage the liver over time. that is because the dosage was too high,and the liver cant handle it. so try not to do it again. you need a healthy liver to live. right?

If you want to know if that constitutes an overdoes, it does not... you will get very sleepy in about 45 mins- 1 hour 15.

If you already took them, go to bed and get some sleep.

If not, take 2, that will be enough.

nothing serious should happen to you but its not a good idea to do because its bad on your liver.

Three advil PM may make you sleepy and take your pain away.

Nothing. You might get slightly sleepy, but three Advil is not anywhere near an overdose. I take three or four regularly for headaches.

rose j
A long sleep that you may and may not wake up from

[ Amira . ♥ ]

nothing, 3 won't kill you, but don't make a habit of doing that every time. They aren't good, long term, for your kidneys.

That's very hard on your liver and stomach. Don't do it.

you die

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