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sierra h
what does it mean if a bruise does not go away?
i am 15 and i have had a bruise for like several months and i don't even know how i got it. is that bad? wat does it mean?........another thing that i find odd is that ive noticed that when i brush my hair alot more hair comes out that it used to. i don't know if that has anything to do with the bruise but it does concern me 17 hours ago - 3 days left to answer.

your hair fallen out could be nerves but i would have my sugar check and make sure its not sugar diabetes diabetes you crave lots of water your hungry and your tired a lot and you want to urinate a lot and blurred vision and they don't heal very fast so i would go see a dr. just to make sure and some time you can be check for free

tell your parents and go to a doctor, they will want to run some tests but make sure you tell them exactly what is going on and any changes, my friend had the same thing and like if she would get even a tiny cut or bloody nose it wouldn't clot for a long time, she never went to a doctor and ended up having cancer, go see a doctor as soon as possible.

It means that your blood is thin and your body is having problems clotting. Try to eat more iron and fruits. You may also want to think about taking a multi-vitamin daily.

as long as your hair is regrowning, its probably not a big deal. i have also had a bruise that has been sloooooooow to go away. on my hip, where there is not a lot of "meat". there is some connection between brusies that will not go away and some blood cancers and so forth..but there would be other symptoms. its also comon to bump someting, get a bruise and not really remember how. however if the bruise is growing, or more appear, set an appt asap to rule out lukiemia or other rare blood issues. the key is, not to freak out, and take time to think about how it happened, and if it is going away. google it once, its more common then you think.

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