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what are the signs and symptoms of a herniated bowel?

may have pain abdomen, disturbed bowel habit. among signs the lump will increase when intraabdominal pressure is increased, like while coughing. cough sign will be positive.

Hernia with "incarcerated bowel" often includes a lump in the inguinal region on the upper sides of the groin. It is painful , squishy and cannot be reduced or pushed down. There can be fever, diarrhea, blood in the stool, bloating, abdomnial pain.
This is an emergency. If you have these symptoms go to an ER now, the incarcerated bowel will lose its blood supply and can become necrotic and die from gangrene - very serious risk so don't wait around at home if you suspect this.
good luck.

Carol of Nashville
The most prominent sign is a protusion from the rectum. Other symptoms would be swelling, excessive burning, possibly itching. Blood may be noticed in your Bowel movements. There is also a form of herniation that is formed under the skin, around the rectum. This is felt as a Knot and it is painful.

A purple man will appear in your doorway asking for forgiveness.

It is your choice whether or not to spare his life.

cassie ♥
a WAT!?!?

your internet friends laughing out loud.

if its simply herniated, it does not have a special sign.just the ussual signs of a henia except the fact that u can hear bowel sound in the sac of hernia.
but in case the loop of bowel which is in the sac of hernia gets strangullated and then ischimic the r some special signs and symptoms such as:
sharp abdomibal pain.
no gas passage
red ness in the sac of hernia

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