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 What is a a progressive debilitating disease?

 What is the average duration of Fibromyalgia and its symptoms, and what causes it?

 anyone have remedies to help with the pain of tennis elbow?

 Glucosamine study. I found it once and can't find it again. A study group researched 90 prod. showed top 25
joint pain, knee, hip etc. caused by osteo-arthritis Does anyone know the address? T...

 how much does an eeg or mri cost an epilepsy patient without insurance?
How can I get disability or financial aid of any kind with my inability to wotk right now- Social Security has kept me in a holding pattern for over a year now-any help or suggestions would be ...

 How does a vegetable juice influence the color of urine??
I've heard, that urine doesn't change it's color when you drink red-colored drinks, but once I drank a vegetable juice and after that I urinated a red urine. I don't think ...

 where can i find disabled pen-pals?

 what is a good workout for athritis in the knie?

 What is a ANA blood screen and what do the results indicate? Specificly the JO-1.?

 is it possible to have a defective intraocular implant for cataract removal?

 what does the obese present to the doctor ?

 what can cause liver enzimes to be elevated?
liver enzimes are normal 40!!!! my doctor says!!
but i am curious to know what about if it is 400. why can that cause a liver emzyme to be that elevated?...

 what is neurothopy?

 how do i stop wetting the bed?

 how to overcome or get rid off prostste enlargement?

 How do you treat Lupus & put it into withdrawl?

 What are some fun facts about the large intestine?

 How much do the treatments for MS cost?

 My mom has Barre-Liou-Syndrome, does anyone know how to help me get through it? Where can i find info?
I am struggling to deal wiht my mom's Barre-Liou Syndrome. She was diagnosed back in 2000, but it getting harder and harder to deal with. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!...

 what are the side effects after botox administration?

pictures of round blue pill with cursive r on it?

Take the pill to your pharmacist and he will identify it

don't know

alprazolam (Xanax)

XANAX. can be used for anxiety or chronic insomnia

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