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 how long does it take for alcohol to damage your brain?

 main reason why people urinate blood?

 My daughter has Albinism, can she go in the sun at all?
My daughter is a month old and has Albinism. We haven't had Genetic testing yet, but from the research Ive done I'm pretty sure she has Oculocutaneous albinism (OCA1a). She has completely ...

 what does it when you have heartburn and a little bit of acid reflux and your're almost 15 yrs. old?
I ate some lasagne last nite 4 dinner and i had the worst heartburn in the world....i ate some again 4 lunch and my chest is still killling me and it was hours ago! I will be 15 yrs old in June.....15...

 my friend says that he will have lesser risk of dying because of cigarettes?
Neither of us smoke but we had this argument.. I told him that a person can develop cancer even a year after smoking and he said that it takes way more than a year for cancer to develop.. Then he ...

 Why do i feel dizzy and nauseous and feel like passing out?
I feel dizzy and nauseous and feel like passing out and shaky i don't know what to do I feel like im dying, my mom is not here she went to work what do i do? I also feel very weak, I just ate so ...

 I feel very, very ill... Help?
Short Answer: I've been getting sharp pains in my left arm and my chest (via Soft drink). I haven't been drinking much water lately, I nearly fained today, I lack energy (I barely have any ...

 Blocked Ear?
I have a cold at the minute but since I got out the shower yesterday my right ear feels very blocked and is sore if i tip my head to the side. Also when I swallow it feels like something is in my ear?...

 i have...a fever?
for about a week now. i am weak my entire body hurts my head hurts i have a runny nose...what is this? any home remedies that will help...notice i said HOME REMEDIES not names of pills. thanks....

 Is it danger if cholesterol level is high ? what can be happen?
what kind of sickness can be start if cholesterol level high?...

 help im afraid of becoming bulimic?
so lately ive been obssessed with weight loss...for the past week ive been throwing up the food i eat if i eat out and if i over eat...how do i stop??...

 throat hurts, is it serious?
Just curious is my throat hurting is serious or not? (hurts when I swallow) Should I see a doctor or just wait it out? T...

 Please help with an addict?
My mom has been addicted to perscription pain pills for 15 years. SHe has never admitted she had a problem until about 4 days ago. She went to a detox center for like four days and then she will have ...

 Alcoholics liver?
My bro-in-laws brother. Is about 45. Everyday since i have known him which is 13 years he has been drinking. He only needs a small amount of liquor and he is totally wasted. What does that indicate ...

 What is this white bubble thing, not a blister?
Hey, I have this small bubble no bigger than a dime on the side of my hip on my right side. I've had it for more than 2 years now and i can't figure out what it is, its not a blister, doesn&...

 help me im sick... 10 points to first good answer?
i have strep and i need to get better im on amoxicillan 3 times a day for 10 days i just got it yesterday and its not working iv had strep for about 4-5 days now and its bad it didnt even take the ...

 Anyone, what happened to me?
I was jus going too bed and suddenly its like I lost control of my body like being electrocuted? Was shaking and everything, not in control, then I felt really confused after. It cant have been a ...

 Where Can I Report Someone Who Smokes Near My House?
So This How It Goes My Son Has Asthma And My Neighbor Smokes A LOT! So I Want To Find Out How To Stop Her Or Something Before my Son Gets A Asthma Attack P.S. My House Smells Like If It Was Full O...

 For about two weeks now I have not had a normal bowel movement. What should I do?
I am currently taking 100mg of zoloft, 5mg ambilafy, 50mg trazodone. I was having symptoms before I started the ambilify and trazodone. For a week I was have pencil like stools and lot of bile, ...

 What is this bump my leg?
One night I was feeling my leg (my right one if your wondering) and I felt this small (maybe the size of half a pea) bump thing in my leg. When I touch it and rub it it moves around (in a circle, ...

(mature answers only) my vomit is green, like really green?
i am not pregnant, but i throw up, i think more then your average person...i am not bulemic or anerexic. i dont make myself sick on purpose. but at least once a day i will throw up. i do not no whats wrong with me. any ideas? it doesnt matter wht i eat its always green, because thats what i had thought at first too....i went from 156lbs to 119lbs, and i lost that weight all in a month after having my son...my bones feel like a 90 year old woman...and i swear on my son on this. i am not lying. and i throw up at least once a day....for reasons i do not no i was tested and it wasnt my gallbladder...i did have a kidney infection and uti and two ovarian sists one that ruptured...could this have something to do with it??

Yeah I agree with the above, it sounds like something might be wrong with your gallbladder. Perhaps your producing too much bile which is causing you to purge the excess. You really should see a doctor right away if you are throwing up every day especially if its always green!!!

are you eating enough? bile is green, so that could be what you are throwing up. you might have a serious problem with your gall bladder or something... it is not healthy to throw up that much, it can really damage your throat, i think you should see a doctor. good luck

Its whatever you ate, try eating some yogurt when your tummy is settled down, for now stick to gingerale, 7 up that type of thing, it will make you either settle your tummy down or barf but at least you will be getting it out of your system. Keep to light meals like lightly buttered toast or something, nothing greasy etc. Try to make yourself drink water too.

go see a doctor

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