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lump under my breast.... .on the bone help please.....?
basically about 7 months i popped the lump which had been there for years... i decided to pop it then because it grew a bit and red and very painfully .... and now it had grew back within a day and its red and painfully....
right next to it i have a white mark and on the other side i have a Minni version of it....

can you help what can i do and what is it ......

and im losing weight well a week ago was 55kg and now gone down to 53.....

Дмитрий Медведев
It's a maggot, a big juicy one that lays thousands of eggs and has got big eyes and a big mouth just waiting to eat you inside-out, hence the rapid weight loss.
It will turn into this - http://images.choee.multiply.com/image/5/photos/79/500x500/1/untitled.JPG?et=vxAy0txAWRKfdBzRlH8yYg

Sarah :)
go to your doctor seriously, theres no point trying to get diagnosed on here.

sounds like something to be concerned for. ask a doctor, u shuldnt be on here if thaats the case

You seem to be concerned. The best thing for you to do is see your doctor. It's difficult to make a diagnosis based on description. The doctor will be able to see it and examine it and give you the appropriate treatment or investigate it if necessary.

I dont know what it could be, but you really need to see a Doctor!!!

go to your GP leave it alone till then

but def go GP as it could get worse

Star T

jackie m
Firstly if it was something serious you wouldn't be able to pop it, if it was cancerous it would be inside you body and couldn't grow back within days, it could be some type of boil or cyst, as for your weight loss i think that is because of stress. go and see a doctor to put your mind at rest and you may need antibiotics for the lump infection or cream - STOP worrying - I had a lump on the side of my neck for a year and after all the tests for cancer it went away and they then found out I have an under active thyroid gland and type 2 diabetic diet controlled but for a whole year I thought I had cancer.

Go to your doctor and next time don't pop any thing on your body; a zit/mole/whatever!

Check this out if you're concerned.


Dolly Blue
Go to see your GP ..no one on here can help....you need to see a doctor now !!!

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