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liver problem??? cirrhosis?
okay so my daddy is kind of an alcoholic, its been like like 5 months dat he started spitting blood,, now hes starting to pee blood also :(
he does not want to go to the doctor??
is this like permanent damage? or could it b fixed??

Kim L.
The liver is almost similar as the air and oil filter systems of an engine which needs normal cleaning and maintenance. If these engine filters end up dirty, obstructed, and over worked, they malfunction and eventually the engine breaks down. This is what occurs in the body and at some point an overloaded or dirty liver filter may cause far reaching signs of poor health in the body.For more information about the known side effects of alcohol,check this site http://alcoholhelp.co.uk/facts-about-alcohol/
Eight causes of death known or believed to be related to alcohol are:

1. Cirrhosis
2. Cancer of the Oral Cavity
3. Cancer of the Pharynx
4. Cancer of the Esophagus
5. Cancer of the Liver
6. Cancer of the Larynx
7. Falls on stairs
8. Other “alcohol-related diseases”, a single category which includes alcohol dependence syndrome, non-dependent use of alcohol, alcoholic cardiomyopathy, alcoholic liver damage and accidental poisoning by alcohol.

Livers can repair themselves to a certain point.If its too damaged, it can't come back, or may only be able to recover partially, or be easily damaged.

Jodie Kaye
Alcoholic liver disease is a spectrum - some gets better, but not drinking will stop it getting worse.

Peeing blood is not a feature of liver disease - vomiting blood may be, but if it is being simply spat from the gums (which it sounds like) it is less urgent (i.e. not call an ambulance), but he must see a doctor, or get some help re: alcohol. I am not one to talk, but am trying, and I would like, for you, if you were able to feel reassured for your daddy,


Ginny Jin
cirrohsis can't be fixed if he stops drinking it won't get worse

The liver is remarkably resilient and can heal itself in a short space of time, but if too much damage s done it dies and no longer functions fully, depending on the degree of damage.
If he's THAT bad, I'd go to the Doctor myself and get something done quickly before he goes too far.

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