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if i smoked pot 11 days ago and my drug test is next friday, will i pass?
i smoked a little bit of weed about 11 days ago. it was my first time smoking, and im pretty sure it wasn't even enough to do anything, or i inhaled improperly. think i will pass the test?

Nathan Gower
No way. Depending on what the test is for they may not care if a little pot shows up

Lauren Armstrong
hard to say but probably not, weed can stay in your system for a while.

the THC which is what gets u high is stored in ur fat calles which means that it is stored for longer
unlike alcohol that stayes in ur system for a day or two Weed stayes for about a month so if u dont want anybody to find out wait foir atleast a month

i don't think so. smoking is BAD...

Brett N
No, weed stays in your system for up to 30 days. It doesn't really matter about the amount, it can still be detected.

Yes, you should pass.
It can take up to 30 days for marijuana to clear your system but that is like time to get completely cleared out [drug tests aren't usually testing for such low levels] and also that length of time is more for regular/heavy users. If you're only an occasional user it leaves your system much faster.
It is probably already completely gone since you only smoked a small amount one time. Just drink a bit of extra water to be sure, I wouldn't worry about it.

eta- I mean for urine or blood tests, like another answer said you would fail a hair test I think.

Well, according to some articles i just looked up, surprisingly marijuana only stays in your system for up to 10 days. However, if it's a urine test and your metabolism is slow, then you're pretty much doomed.
PS: say no to peer pressure dude, it's your life you'll be messing up


Allota Diccs
If it was your first time, meaning you are not an average pot smoker, than more then enough time has passed for you to test negative for marijuana. But thats with urine. If they decide to test hair or something, that stays in your hair for a while.
Marijuana can last anywhere between 3-30 days in your system, but for someone who doesnt smoke often, it usually takes 10 days to leave your system. If you smoke alot, it could be detected up to 90 days. Depends on how often you smoke.

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