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 Does anyone know when self mutilation started? I cant find it anywhere.?
this is for a big research project and I cant find it anywhere....

 What is underlining disease?
Hi folks, What is "underlining disease" in term with Medical Technology. Thanks in advance. B.R. ...

 Does Half A Tab Of Acid Do Anything?
I am just curious if is gonna do anything please give me details on why it is or isnt and if you have ever taken half a tab what and how was your ...

 can you get an illness from too much / too little vitamin c, and if so, what?
i need to know for a math project how an indian person can get sick from too little vitamin c....

 Redish Diarreah for about a week?
Ive had bad stomach aches for about a week now. They occur in the morning, and after every meal. When i need to go, it is always very loose and it is a redish/watery color. What should I do!...

 Coughing for 2-3 weeks, rib pain x 3days, Did I break a rib coughing?
I've been sick for a little over a month now and I started Bactrim DS on Sunday because i can't stand to be sick anymore. I had BAD nasal congestion most of the time and developed a cough 2-...

 I am 40 years old and always feeling tired and falling asleep,?
Its not as if I am overworked or anything but I am constantly fatigued. I fall asleep while driving; during conversations at anytime. all I have to do is sit still for 5 minutes and I am off, I can&...

 what medical condition has these symptoms?
my boyfriend is currently suffering from something medical... he has no insurance so is hesitant to go to the doctor. I thought maybe I could list some symptoms here and see if anyone has any ...

 could I have appendicitis?
I have had this pain on my right side just a little below my rib cage. its been a dull ache. i have had any of the gastro issues . If I cough or laugh it hurts more. it sort of comes and goes. at ...

 What's wrong with me??
For the past year or so, I've been experiencing a variety of symptoms. I've told my mom but she doesn't think I need to go to the doctor. I've had migraines+sinus headaches, ...

 I think my 14 yr old has chickenpox?
My girl has raised clustered bumps on her tummy and back a lil around her privates and arms and lag but just a few. the most of them are on her trunk. She did have this when she was younger about 5 ...

 a thyroid problem question?
i asked a question earlier about my weight seeing as how im 18 6 foot and only 158 pounds and someone said it could have something to do with thyroids and my sister had a thyroid problem but she is a ...

 i have a headache for three days now and i was sick before my headache what could it be?
well i was sick i had cough ,fever ,stuffy nose i'm better now but i have gotten this headache for three days straight i have never gotten a headache for this long i also get dizzy is it ...

 Could anyone tell me about an intresting genetic disorder?
Any suggestions?! it cant be cancer. and im doing a biology project!...

 Anyone ever had Iritable Bowel Syndrome???
is it treatable and how do you cure it without going to the doctor??? serious anwers only....

 I have a temperature of 103.2, headache, cough, EXTREMELY fatigued, major loss of appetite?
what could i have? im so weak please help. i usually dont get sick btw if your saying im fine enough to go to the computer, im on my ...

 small hard lump behind my ear?
about a week ago i developed a pea-sized lump on the bone behind my left earlobe. it has a consistent dull ache to it and it doesnt move around. it hasn't changed in size and its really hard. ...

 Is he having seizures or not?
My husband has these "episodes" I wanna call them seizures but I'm not sure that is what they are. He can feel one of these attacks coming on because he gets really weak and shaky. T...

 I need help, but I dont know where to turn. I have been suffering from panic attacks for 7 years.?
they started 3 weeks after a bad car accident, and while not every day, they occur at least weekly. It used to be only while in a car, so I think it's related to the accident somewhat, but now ...

 More than a panic attack?
last weekend i started having flutters in my chest, tingly sensations in my arms, slight pain in my heart area, and neck, back, and head pain. I went to the doctor a few days ago and got an EKG, C...

if i did 2gram of cocaine 3 days ago will my drug test be positive?
if i did 2gram of cocaine 3 days ago will my drug test be positive

Carol B
Well, I almost hope your drug test is positive so you can get help for this problem. Don't do drugs, be smarter than that.

depends on whether it is by urine or hair? However, hair shows a pattern of drug use over a period of say, 90 days. But I'm not so sure it would have had time to show up in hair. I'm not so sure it has stuck in urine either. I did not tell you to go out and buy a quart of sour dill pickles and drink the juice. That would be just wrong of me. That would flush the urine, and again, that would just be wrong of me.

hecla 1

Maybe, maybe not, no way to be sure.

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