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i have blood in my stool and my stomach hurts. what should i do?
i feel nauseous and my lower stomach/pelvic area and lower back feels like im on my period but im not. i have blood in my stool. ive told the doctor ive had blood in my stool b4 n they said its probably just hemorrhoids. i feel like somethings wrong. please help

maybe your diet, eat more fiberous foods and fruits..stay off your feet. take something for nausea as a otc med

see if you have any changes tomorrow if you eat right

Go to the doctor. If that one won't listen then go to another one for a second opinion.

Sounds like ulcers. Try to not be stressed. I believe that there are some over the counter meds for ulcers try that. If that does'nt help see a Gastro Dr.

I wouldn't put up with that for a second. See a gastroenterologist asap.

You should go back and tell the doctor He is wrong and that He need;s to do more test's, You are in charge of your care,not Him, YOU pay Him not the other way around. go smack that ***** and tell him to check you again

The color of the blood will tell u whether its upper or lower GI bleed. Upper gi will be black coffee grainish and bright red is lower gi (closer to the bunghole) u should see another doc who will investigate ur symptoms. If ur taking any NSAIDS (motritn, aspirin, etc) will cause more bleeding. Definately increase ur fluid intake (64oz/day) cut out caffeine (contributes to dehydration) ur hydration status will contribute to constipation or just harder stools which will likely increase ur chances of ripping tender booty tissue upon exiting ur body, so along w increasing ur fluid intake try some stool softeners (colace). prolonged bleeding will mess up ur blood counts and contribute to anemia or other probs. how long has this been going on, does anythign in particular cause the bleeding, does anythign stop the bleeding. Does it occur in cycles or is it constant. Is the blood on the stool in streaks, on the tp, or does it fill the toilet bowl? Many q's need to be asked to give any type of answer. And they cant just say, "its prob hemmorhoids" they should have LOOKED or stuck a finger in and been able to tell definitively if u have them. They sound like dumb health professionals. Im a nursing student so I'd say see another doc!!!

You should go to a different doctor and get a second opinion. Because yes, it could be hemmorrhoids but it can also be something more severe like a gastric ulcer or something wrong in the intestines.

Iori in Danger
If you have a small amount of bright red blood on stools or toilet paper, that's not any immediate danger. It is likely to be hemorrhoids, but could be an bowel disorder.

If you have a large amount of bright red blood in the toilet water, like more than a tablespoon, that is more troubling. You need to tell the doctor that you are seeing a lot of blood. If you are actively bleeding from the rectum, like there is blood in your underwear, that is also a cause for concern and may justify a trip to the ER.

Black, tarry, foul smelling blood in the stool is a sign of bleeding farther up in the intestinal track and needs to be investigated. Bright red or pink blood indicates bleeding close to the anus and if the amount is small, it is normally not an emergency situation.

So you see it depends on how much blood you are seeing and what it looks like. Combined with abdominal cramping, that might suggest a bowel disorder, or it could be unrelated - like hemorrhoids along with indigestion.

I would go to the emergency room.

You may have internal bleeding.

Intra-abdominal bleeding may be hidden and present only with pain, but if there is enough blood loss, the patient may complain of weakness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, and other symptoms of shock and decreased blood pressure. Once again, the symptoms depend upon where in the abdomen the bleeding occurs.

* If there is gastrointestinal bleeding, the patient may vomit bright red blood, or if it has been in the stomach for a period of time, the vomit may look like coffee grounds. Bowel movements may be bloody or they may be black and tarry, again depending upon the location of the bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

* If the internal bleeding causes blood to spill into the peritoneum, there can be a significant amount of pain with any movement, and the abdomen can become tense and feel rigid to touch.

* Sometimes intra-abdominal blood will track toward the skin and can be appreciated on physical examination. Cullen's sign is the term used to refer to the appearance of bruising surrounding the umbilicus. Grey-Turner sign is bruising in the flanks.

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