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I'm sixteen and have a major movie audition on sunday! I just came down with a terrible cold! Im all stuffed up, and my throat is killing me. A virus is going around our school so that's ...

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no totally but it has been greatly diminished....Thanks......

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every once in a while has some pains in my heart/chest area.
more like a targeted spot on my chest. i'm 13 and i'm not over weight or anything like
that and i don't have ...

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 kidney stones?
I have 1 stone each in my kidneys.The urologist suggested laser operation to break them.But im scared as i have heard it may damage my kidneys.Anyone having a similar experience?please share.

 pinworms, disgusting! please help me?
okay this is disgusting, but
i get pinworms everywhere, and im like the most hygenic person ever! seriously i wash so much its insane
wat cud be causing this?
can u get them from ...

 what cures morning sickness?
im a guy and every morning i wake up and i feel sick to my stomach

what cures or helps with this ...

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My niece has a lump behind her neck and she is kinda worry that it might be cancer. Can you give me some advice please.

Thank you!!...

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 What causes carpal tunnle syndrome?

 what's a brain aneurism?
apparently no symptom at all, how serious is this, does it worsen in stages, like cancer; how fast does this progress n is there medication to control it? can a person suffer a sudden death. Is it ...

 if your dehydrated?
If you are dehydrated besides being thirsty what will it make you feel like?? like sick or what?? please only serious ...

 Tell a disease which takes atleast 10 days to cure? I wanna take sick leaves from my school .?

 i'm puking up black stuff and i'm shivering even though i have plenty of layers and a blanket on, whats wrong?
i haven't ate anything the whole day because i've felt full like theres a huge animal in my belly...i usually always eat every two hours...not to mention i've been puking up black ...

i feel like there's a pill stuck in my throat?
i just took some pain killers. they were two little aleve's. anyway..i took them without water and i feel like there's something kinda/almost stuck in my throat. but i drank some water 10-15 minutes later.

is this okay??
i mean for it to still feel like its stuck in my guts or something?

I think thats the tablets stuck in your throat/gut,
drink water, or warm tea.. they'll disolve eventually..
hahahah youre stupid for not drinking them with water, it says that on the box for a reason you know:]:]

Hollie Spirit
Ive been there and done that, but chances are that it scratched your throat and it only feels that way, it will go away in a few hours.

well, it will eather disolve or burn your asophgus. if it disolves you need 2 have no worries trust me it will disolve!! if not it will burn the aspougus. youll feel both!!

T Bear
Keep drinking water

This happens to me all the time. Don't worry there is no pill stuck. I think it is from the pills just rubbing weird as they go down.

van kedileri
your throat will relax in time, it is okay

You will be okay , next time take them with water.

Happy- Go
eat a piece of bread !!

Eat some solids or drink more water. It may just feel that way.

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