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 Which exam is more accurate in diagnosising suppurative appendicitis--a CT or ultrasound exam?

 I have to much Iron in my liver ..?
I have to much Iron in my liver and now there is alot of fluid in my stomack and making me really sick ..I can not find a doctor to tell me why or what to do about it .. Does anyone know why this ...

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Had an ‘unknown” illness for NINE months & I’m at the end of my rope. Started with stiff neck & swollen arm pit Lymph-nodes, then an ER visit on day 5 day because of BAD migraines. S...

 in blood test, does a high level of SGPT and SGOT in the blood means you have a liver or heart disease?
i have SGPT which is over 100 U/L but im negative of Hepatitis A,B,C and my liver ultrasound is normal also together with the rest of my body organ. what's wrong with my Blood biochemistry then?...

 **Serious Question*** If you were diagnosed with a terminal Illness and asked if you want to know how long you
have to live, would you want to know?...

 can anyone help me with this?
i had my stomach polyps biospyed in dec 2007 and ever since i had it done ive had nausea and sick to my stomach every day to where i dont wanna eat. what can this be a sign of?...

 I had my little girls eyes tested and he told me that she got one pupil bigger not she got to have blood work.
Why do the blood testing have to be done?...

 Is any one on abilify? If so how are you doing on it, I will be starting it in 4 weeks.?
any weird side effets I should no about?...

 Both my eyes are red/pink. I have diareeha. Haven't been feeling good lately. Help?
Im 17. and have been sick lately anyone have any ideas....

 know of someone who's tears smell like iron/metal sometimes. Anyone else ever had this happen?
yes, sometimes a person will smell their tears :) But, seriously, has this ever happened to anyone else??...

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how much is the lowest and the highest amount off SS you can get and what are ...

 is it Toxic paint!!!!! plz help dont ignore this plz read!?
me and my dad bought some gallons of white paint in a bucket, and a few days later it turned yellow on the top but its still white in the bottom of the bucket, im not sure if its toxic, but my dad ...

 do i need a blood tonic?
Am in the States and am feeling very tired always,feel like having nausea,feel dizzy,mouth is very dry,can eat to(have appettite),have slight to strong headaches,breathing heavily,do i really need a ...

 knee surgery?
infected knee implant,...

 what works for herion addiction, long term?
My girlfriend would prefer a natural-holistic approach. I am behind her in her fight, so feel free to give it to me straight. I really like her alot and will contiue to be there for her until the end....

 They have shortness of breath, headaches, red lips turning blue what does it mean?
just so you know he was a smoker. He was sent to the hospital from having the flu, now he is better and is trying to stop smoking. hasn't smoked for a week now i think, may have something to do ...

 what is ASOH? all about cranio!?
FTP is frontotemporoparietal, ASOH is?...

 are there any people struggling with meth? In the bay area?
I'm looking for people struggling with meth in the san francisco area.. I'm looking to be a therapist, and needed some research done.. no I'm not a narc, alot of of my friends do it, ...

 Is this OCD? Part 1?
Hi, I'm asking this question for a friend. When my mate was in his early teens, he had alot of mental issues, but the main one was he could not stand to be in the middle of 2 people. Now, I don&#...

i feel like my head is on fire.....................?
help i think i have a migraine any ways i can get rid of it. it is makeing my sick

Lantern Bearer
Get to the doctor. I have no idea your age, but you may be experiencing a bout of shingles. Shingles is caused by a virus that resides on the optical nerve. It is always there. It is usually quiet. That virus is also associated with chicken pox. Its name is Zoster. When the virus goes into an infectious mode, it over loads the nerve and you experience pain in the eye. It then works its way to the surface and displays as a rash or pimple like eruptions. The skin becomes painfully tender over a small area of your face and head. The pain you feel is neuro or nerve pain. You may experience nausea and vomiting. It may pass but it can always return. Shingles for some reason is becoming more common across the population. My sister has experienced a bout just this past weekend. I had a full attack two years ago and I have headed of two other attacks. Get to the doctor.

I had severe migraines once a month or more and didnt know why. I often had to visit the emergency room to get a shot to make it stop. I found that my migraines were caused by a compound caled sulfites(sodium sulfite,bisulfite, metabisulfite) added to food and drink to prevent mold and to maintain whiteness in foods.This is a list of foods that contain these compounds: Lemon juice concentrate-"Real Lemon" coconut wines horseradish frozen/previously frozen seafood chinese food This is not a complete list,but check ingredient labels and see if any of these ingredients are in the food item. I find that lemon juice concentrate is used in lot of sauces,dressings and baked foods.This causes me terrible migraines with the light fractals,nausea,and other symptoms. Google the words "migraine and sulfites " you'll be glad you did.

sometimes headaches come on from being dehydrated. Drink some water right away and try to lay in a dark room with no noise, stimulation or interruptions.

Well get off of the bright glare of the PC for a start. If you are at work/school you need to go home. Lay in a dark room with a wet, very cold flannel over your forehead. I do really sympathise with you, I get them all the time. Sometimes being sick helps so don't stop it.. I hope you feel better soon.

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