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d o double g
i feel dizzy and weak when i stand up?
when i am sitting down and i get up i start to feel really dizzy, i start to see red and my body starts to burn up, everything starts to spin and move and my eyes and head start hurtning, this happend to me many times, does anyone know what this is?

from my experience, it was just me standing up too fast. after i had been sitting down for a while and stood up, i would get really dizzy, start to see spots, and almost fall over. being the worrier that i am, i did a little research and found out that this was really common for people who had been laying flat for a long time, people with high blood pressure, elderly people, and people who don't drink enough water. i can't really spit back all the information that i found, but if you want the scientific explanation, just google "standing up too fast". i started drinking more water (which is good for you anyway) and started to feel much better. hope that helps!!!

You are experiencing symptoms of mellochasiochic which is the diminishing of your urethra. When your urethra dries up it creats a loss of blood in the medula oblanganda which creates these side effects. Please seek medical attention immediately.

kill miss levine
you could be anemic..especially if you're female..its very likely. i get this all the time..everytime i get up..i feel like im going in circles... i went to the doctor and told me i wasnt anemic..so..i guess i just have to live with it. get up slowly..allow the blood to recirculate to your brain..so you don't feel dizzy.

Just ME
seems to me like you are very dehydrated... Drink more water...

Kelley K
It's called orthostatic hypotension. When you stand up too quickly, your blood pressure drops, causing those side effects to happen. Your heart can't pump blood fast enough to your head to catch up with the speed that you're moving. This also happens whenever you move from laying down to sitting up, but not as often. Try standing up slower and see if anything changes. It happens to everyone; it's impossible to avoid if you stand up too quickly. If this doesn't work, you could also be dehydrated, so try drinking water. If nothing works, go see your doctor.

Yes, it's your adrenal system. You might be hypoglycemic or pre-diabetic, and your blood sugar may be off. When you get a blood sugar low, then it stresses your adrenals and causes your brain to submit stress hormones, which are taxing on the body. Especially when combined with caffeine! Microwaved food also taxes your adrenals.

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