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 i think i have tapeworm...?
ok so i think i have tapeworm my symptoms are diharea, hunger to the point where it hurts, weight loss, i was dizzy but that went away after a day, but i havent seen anything in my stool. i am still ...

 Lump on Lower Rib.Should i be worried?
It's a small, shallow lump. 5cm in diameter. 1 cm in depth. Any idea on what it is? should i go to the Doctor's etc. It's not painful at all. it's not even that noticeable, I'...

 My cat has bad diarrhea. Should I call the vet?
It smells really bad, no solid form. and has a little bit of ...

 Help me figure out what's wrong?
I had cold like symptoms before Christmas. I had a stuffy nose, upper sinus pressure, coughing up thick green mucus, and I'd lose my voice. Well it went away like two weeks ago. Now it has ...

 Cancer is one disease Alcoholism is another?
the senate wants to make Drunk Driving a felony after the third or forth offense,Will they make a return case of cancer worse by charging you with a felony charge because your not controlling your ...

my friends mom is 52 and doesn't know who he is anymore, but smiles when he comes in, where is she in her mind? what does she think about? she used to journal about how she was forgetting ...

 i get tired very easily and i dont know why?
im 16, 5'8'' and 138lbs. i get tired very easily and i dont know why. about 3 or 4 hours after i wake up in the morning, i am exhausted. i get about 7-71/2 hours of sleep at night. i ...

 I woke up deaf and my right ear and was hearing noses inside can anybody tell me what happen?

 do spiders really go in ears?
i alway get freaked out thinking the might go in my ears, but is it really at all possible?...

 I got a massage because I have an old knot I wanted worked on and I slept on my neck wrong so I go and get one
this was my second one but as soon as he started working on the knot I got really hot and began sweating profusely short of breath I could feel my heart rate slowing down numb and tingly all over I ...

 what would you do if you know you were the carrier of a gene for a serious disease?

 I feel dizzy...?
and I have a headache, feel lazy/tired, and i feel like puking at the thought of eating. Whats wrong?...

 I think i might be dying...?
Well, i'm not sure but here are my symptoms. It started with dizzy spells 2 weeks ago, they would come and go. Then it was nausea, diahrrea, and some vertigo. Now it's still nausea but ...

 Is the dosage amount the same for a person without a thyroid as a person with one?

 I had a strawberry milkshake and now my bottom lip is swollen?
why? Or could it be because I had a wisdom tooth extracted 2 days ago? I have bad breath tkk but I'm taking antibiotics. My bottom lip is very swollen and it wasn't swollen yesterday....

 How can you cure a soar throat?
ugh its killing me! hot soup and medicine never worked... and the honey never lasted. does anyone have a home-made cure?...

 Am I an alcoholic or not?
I'm a 29 year old married white male.I don't drink hard liquor, beer only. I consume 6-10 cans every night. About 40-50 days per year I don't drink at all, but I struggle not to drink ...

 How much xanex should I take? I'm...?
I am 130 pounds and I will be takeing xanex for the first time? How much should I take to get a pretty good feeling? And what would happen if I smoked some weed with it?...

Ok so I'm on for 5 minutes before my brother comes home I NEED answers please! Ok, you are born with chlostrophobia, I know that, if you have it, but can you develop it? Cuz my sis thinks she ...

 Should ADHD be considered a disorder?
Please list some reasons why or why not....

frequent urination, lower back pain, bloated stomach!?
a few days ago I started with this urgency of peeing but started to get even worst, after a couple of days it was so often that I wasn't able to sleep at night. yesterday I started taking "fast relief to urinary pain" (AZO Standard) and urine have become reddish-orange in color ( i was expecting that) but last night I could sleep at all I went to the bathroom so many times that today I have so much pain when I pee my lower back hurts and my abdomen hurts in a cramping way. I feel super tired, please tell me what should I do? FEMALE 25 years old I never experienced this type of pain before. I havent been in a fight. I am worried because I know that my grandma & aunt had kidney problems and my .

Online Doctor
See a doctor, I can't really help over the computer. But drink lots of water/fluids in the meantime. How old are you? Have you experienced anything like this before? Have you been in a fight? Male or Female? Dr Jamie The Online Doctor

Kitty Kat
I am going through the exact same thing as you at this very moment.I have had urinary tract infections before, I only went to the doctor the first few times.But i have found you can fight it off with enough fluids and if caught early enough..I am trying to fight mine off now.. A few tips i just learned this time around..pouring warm water on you while urinating takes away the pain/burning..or a shower email me if you want more help

You have a urinary tract infection that has possibly now moved up to your bladder and kidneys. Drink as much water as you can tolerate and make an appointment to see a Dr. You need antibiotics to treat the infection. The meds. start working pretty quickly so you should take care of this as soon as possible if you want any relief. If seeing a Dr. is an issue, clinics (like Planned Parenthood) offer services to take care of this problem as well. Good luck...and remember to drink plenty of water.

possible UTI. see a doctor for cipro

Stacey Vernon
Could b a urine infection or if the pains that bad could be kidney infec,kidney stones. Go to your doc. In the mean time drink cranberry juice but do go to your doctors.

You should see your doctor of course. It could be a bladder infection, or worse, something wrong in your kidneys.

GO see a doctor please.

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