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 What is a doctor that specializes in chronic fatigue and tiredness?
I'm unbearably tired all the time, I've already had a physical and bloodwork by my regular physician, and its time to take the next step. I also have headaches every day too. By the way, I&#...

 What causes me to lose all sense of taste and smell when I have a cold?

 i have severe pain and diarrhea every morning.. what could this be?

 I have to do a speech on autism and I was wondering..?
Are there any professions that autistic people would never be able to do? Sources are helpful....

 Does anyone have pectus carinatum?
Im 17 years old and I have pectus carinatum and Im very self concious about it especially since im an A34 And its just very noticeable, I dont know what to do about it, Unfortunaetly this isn't ...

 are people who are in a persistent vegetative state able to think?

 Cerebral Palsy Question (only serious answers please!)?
Why do people with Cerebral Palsy usually have off set teeth? This is an honest question and I'm really curious anatomically why this is common. Thanks!

If you're going to be ...

 What disease do these symptoms indicate?
I've been having some weird symptoms lately but they don't stay constant, they seem to change day to day.
They include:
Joint Pain
Muscle soreness and I don't lift ...

 I feel dizzy all the time?
I'm male, age 18. Its been 2 months now and I still feel dizzy 24/7. Not spinning around or unbalanced movement just mild dizziness because I can walk normally but I feel dizzy. I went to N...

 Is very constant stomach growling a synptom to any illnesses?

 what do u think about lupus?
i just got put on some new meds i never was put on meds b4 but i keep getting patches iam really scared do u c me becoming worst?...

 Pain and bloating in abdomen?
I was lying in bed when I suddenly felt a sharp ache all the way on the left side of my abdomen. I noticed there was a big lump of something all the way over on the left where it hurt. The pain ...

 What are the side effects of tryptomer 10 mg 9 amitriptyline).and alprox .5 mg(alprazolam)?
Do they impair memory power and cause gastro intestinal disorders?...

 Forgetfulness: Why can I remember the 12 cranial nerves, but forget the thought I had just one second ago?
I can remember very complicated things, even things I learned years ago, but my short-term memory is horrible. I go to get something in a room, and completely forget what I went into the room for. O...

 Severe headaches, back of head...never go away?
I have had severe headaches in the back of my head since March 2nd. They are not considered migraines by doctors. I have seen an immunologist, 2 neurologists, an allergist, a rheumatologist a ...

 Why am i so cold everywhere ?
I'm cold to the touch and inside -__- and freeezing.... :/ why am i so cold ? what can i do to get warm ? xD and don't say blanket -_- it's been like this for like a week ...

 What would cause numbness in my face?
I have numbness in my face on each side of my eyes from about the bottom of my forehead to my cheek bones. It's been like this for a while now but recently spread past the area where it ...

 Why do it smell like cheese behind the ears?
I wanted to know why does behind the ears always smell like stinky cheese, I know I am not the only one that has rubbed behind their ears and noticed it smelled like cheese or something. It is ...

 What would cause a spontaneous & severe nosebleed?
My teenage son was awakened last pm with a nosebleed. Blood contained large clots as well.

He has no history of nosebleeds.

Any experience or knowledge on this matter would be ...

 I've just ate a pepperami and i have mega heartburn whats a cure withou using tablets ?
aaaaaah helppp !...

Ron D
found in old buildings cause a health risk if not removed?

Well you are not to clear on your ? but if you are asking if it should be remove It should be done by someone that knows what they are doing and she be treated as a health problem and contact someone that will do something right away. Call the county that you live at and ask them Poison control

I think your talking about asbestos, check out wikipedia:


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