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 i am 20 yr old boy.i stammer since from childhood, suggest any therapyst in CHENNAI, i want its treatment.?
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Tim R
does acid refluxin the throat ever heal or go away?

acid reflux is not very nice if you know for certain you have it beacuse your doctor as diagnosed the condition then go back and ask your doctor to give you lansoprazole they are effective please don't take anything without your doctors advise

Funny thing, I was on Nexium 2 years, I did decrease my dosage and only took it every other day...but until I had a 8 hour episode and my Dr. sent me to the ER as I had a fever....I needed my gallbladder out as it turns out (inflammation)... I have not had it since...YIPEEE! My Dr. told me actually is it VERY common w/the acid reflux and the gallbladder problem to go hand in hand...he said most times one leads to the other and if the gallbladder is removed 90%+ of people no longer have acid reflux. Most Dr.'s do not tell you this....just my personal experience. If you have it good luck and talk to your Dr. Maybe monitor your temperature when you get the heartburn...if you end up 100 degrees or over it may be a sign your gallbladder is inflamed. IM or email me if you want:) Good luck:)

Mom of one
I understand this subject very well. I have achiphex for medication and that works for this disease/problem. 27 million people in the world have this problem. It is controlled by meds and taking care of yourself and watching what you eat helps a great deal. Good luck.

If it is really bad it can cause massive damage to your esophagus. A prescription is needed if it is bad. Then it will go away and your throat will heal.

It will be damaged and may have some scarring but as long as the acid reflux is cured or controlled, you shouldn't have that many negative effects as it will heal up.

Well, if it's bad enough, you'll need drugs. It does heal, but it will leave scars. It can cause cancer as well.

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