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Die Die
can getting hit in the head ALOT cause brain damage?
i got mmy head shoved in the wall alot. i got thrown around alot. and 2 or 3 days ago,i got jumped,and hit my head in the hard floor a few times. Then i got stucked in the eye,and now have a black eye. I dont remeber my childhood,early teens,and now i dont remeber what i say or do MOST times. No i don't drink or do drugs. i feel light headed (i do eat), i have weird movements,and sometimes,shake or weird tweaks. Blurry vision, idk its cause of the black eye i have. I don't have money, i dont have friends or family that'll help me. I'm basically on "your on your own" deal.what shall i do?

I don't know what kind of life you are living to be subjected to such abuse, but yes, getting banged in the head frequently will cause brain damage. I'm a health care worker and I used to care for a kick boxer whose brain was severely damaged they had to remove half of it. He is now paralyzed, blind and aphasic. His mom said he has been that way for about 15 years. I was just recently taking care of an ex-boxer with dementia. His daughter believes it's caused from being pounded in the head.

You should go to the doctor.

"A lot" is two words, not one. Obviously head trauma can cause brain damage. You need to go see a doctor.

excessive hitting to the head can yes. But if its Only small hits you cant get brain damage but some cells in your brain may die.

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