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curious kitty
Why should I drink a lot of water before blood drawn?
I need this information to be added into my chemo diary, and published soon. Anyone that answer the question are highly appreciated.

Dehydration - it makes it much easier to find the vein and to draw your blood.

Drink extra water and fluids to replace the volume you will donate (avoid tea, coffee, or other beverages with caffeine)


to replace the volume of blood that you will donate and to prevent low blood pressure.

I think it helps the phlebotomist find the vein.

The key is hydration. Hydration will help the veins stick-out for the blood draw.

Because 95% of our body is composed of water, and that goes for the blood too. The blood has a fairly high water content and drinking water beforehand just replaces the fluids that you will lose when your blood is taken. Another thing also is to keep you well hydrated by drinking water, cause when you're dehydrated and trying to have blood taken, the veins tend to "hide" so to speak and in the event that they don't, once that needle is in the vein and pressure is applied to withdraw the blood into the tube, syringe, etc...the vein will just collapse.

And a lot after too.

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