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Why does a Gun Shot on head cause instant death?
I know it damages the brain but why instant death?? Wats the biological concept behind it??
Any doctors out here???

It doesn't cause instant death. My uncle was shot in the head and lived.

I think it depends where it hits. Somebody was shot in the head, had 1/4 of his brain taken out, and lived.

Ask your local doctor (not on here). My guess is it may go into the brain and cause serious damage. You need your brain to control your body, so without a brain basically you are dead.

The brain is the reason why the heart beats. It's the reason why you think.

If your heart stops beating, that's instant death too you know?

Georgi Girl
Gun shots to the head don't always cause instant death. The reason though a gun shot would cause instant death is beacause your brain controls your breathing, heart and so on.

It doesn't always!! The Mayor of Kirkwood, MO was shot twice in the head and survived! My neighbor tried to kill himself by shooting himself in the head, he lived, but is blind now! The guy that was with the president was shot in the head and survived, Brady I think. So you are wrong about it causing instant death.

It doesn't, but due to the fact that neural cells apparently are incapable of repairing themselves, it does almost permanent damage. If the areas controlling the heart and breathing muscles are damaged, it probably will be fatal. Of course, putting a shotgun under the chin, pointed upward and slightly back, then pulling the trigger is most likely to be instantly fatal because of the widespread damage it does.

Nyssa ♥
If enough of your brain in the right places is destroyed, it will probably lose the ability to tell your organs to keep functioning, in which case you would die in minutes. Even if your organs kept working, you may bleed to death from such a massive injury, which would also take minutes since most of your blood gets pumped through your brain.

I think you are mistaking instant death with instant unconsciousness. Many people have been shot in the head and survive.

It does not. The human brain can survive substantial trauma, such as in the historical case of Phineas Gauge who blasted a tamping iron through his head.

Shots to the head often do not cause death by brain damage, but rather because, due to the brain's need for lots of blood, a wound there causes extreme bleeding. Many gunshot wounds to the head end in bleeding to death.

Instant death really only works in the movies.

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