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 Medications for Aspergers syndrome?
I have recently been diagnosed with Aspergers by a support team I am currently under, previously having the diagnoses of schizophrenia and psychosis,I have been given medications for the what they ...

 Does reading in the dark REALLY affect your vision?
I was reading a magazine article and my grandpa came over and turned the lamp on. whenever I asked him why he said, "It is not good for eyes to read in a dim room. So I am really wondering, is ...

 I keep becoming momentarily paralyzed in my sleep?
Sometimes, when I fall asleep, I will wake up with my eyes still shut, but I cannot move. I mean, I cannot move at all or cry out. It scares me terribly. To explain the sensation, it feels like an ...

 I think I have anemia. If so what should I do?
My Symptoms:
- Occasional 'loose' or lightheaded feeling at least once a day lasting about 3 or so hours( all day during my period)
- Pale skin
- Under my eyelids its nearly ...

 Should I sell my third kidney?
No joke, I have three kidneys, a genetic mutation that appearsbin my family every other generatin. Would I be much better off with an extra one, or should I make some money in the process? What would ...

 Suffering with Severe Anxiety and Insomnia?
I have stopped drinking on my own now for about 4 days cause I thought it was affecting my sleep and anger. Well now that I have stopped my sleep and anger have gotten worse. Im not sure if its anger ...

 Seizure disorder and constant "dialogue" running thru head. Help?
I always have music running thru my head. I also seem to have thoughts that just race. I don't hear voices but it's like words just pop into my head and it's really getting annoying.<...

 I been having a cold for awhile now , & now my nose is stuffed up how can i make go away ?
colddds :/...

 can't sleep.. what else can i do to cure my insomnia?
sleeping pills don't seem to work anymore, i can't smoke pot because of drug testing at my job. i tried drinking Melatonin Tea which has no effect.. any ideas on what else i can try?...

 bad nerves leads to throwing up ways to stop?
when ever i'm going to go somewhere, or see the kid i like or someone that makes me worry is there i get so sick in the stomach and vomit. and like the first day of school i get sick too.

 sinus infection/hypochondriac issues?
i've never asked a question on here before, but i'd like some feedback. first let me say that i am being seen regularly by my physician and i have gone to therapy to deal with my issues. ...

 Will a full blood test rule out the possibility of kidney failure or desease?

 When will my rheumatoid arthritis be severe?
I'm 16 and I've been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Factor Positive Arthritis.
I've also been diagnosed with Hypermobility Syndrome. (total oposite of arthritis)
The doctors said ...

 What is a good activity to motivate people that have a terminally ill disease?

 What can I do to improve the health of my liver?
I had an ultrasound of the abdomen today and they said I have a slightly fatty liver.

I don't drink alcohol nor do I smoke. What are some things I can do to reverse this?...

 Can schizophrenia be cured or treated with Omega 3, and a combination of B vitamins,folic acid,and vitamin C?

 difficulties facing people with tourette syndrome?
ive already got social isolation......

 Clubfeet in Adult - Operations and Alternatives?
Hi, I'm almost 19 and have been a clubfeet patient since birth. Ponseti's method wasn't very popular when I was born, so the doctor performed some surgery that I was not sure of when i ...

 What causes dopamine defiency?
I have to take Mirapex because apparently I don't produce enough dopamine

What causes this? I'm kind of confused about it >.< I'm only 18 years old....

 diet for a fatty liver?

The Situation says
Why do it smell like cheese behind the ears?
I wanted to know why does behind the ears always smell like stinky cheese, I know I am not the only one that has rubbed behind their ears and noticed it smelled like cheese or something. It is exposed to air so that area gets to breath. I was curious to know how it can smell so bad. Geez even when washed a few minutes or hours later the smell comes back. Whats up with that.

Dead cells, fungal or bacterial infection probable.

Get it checked out.

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