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 a 50 year-old man started losing weight noticeably in past six months, nervous, and weakening eyesight.?
what are the possible diseases he might have? please list more than one possibility....

 15 years old, scoliosis surgery?
I'm 15 years old, a guy, and I have pretty significant scoliosis. The main curve is over 50 and the secondary very close to 40. I heard today that my orthopedist went through my MRI results ...

 part of my eye is bloody?
i woke up and a little bit of my eye was bloody, not that much but it was bloody where the inward corner is. i went to the doctor and they said i probably just scratched it in my sleep. yeah idk. ...

 I think i have an eating disorder and i think its getting worse..?[Please help]?
I think i have an eating disorder. Well actually im pretty sure i do. About 4 months ago i was purging EVERYTHING i ate (usually purged about 15 times a day). But i got out of purging and just ...

 how can you know that you are having amnesia?
I feel like i'm forget things... like... forgetting what i was gonna say or what i;m suppose to do... quite often... does it mean that im facing amnesia?...

 Stomach hurts badly help me?
Just randomly my stomach would hurt very bad and I always need to go to the bathroom. Then it hurts again. Please help me it wont go ...

 can kidney disease or kidney failure cause a feeling of pressure on your right, mid abdomen?
okay, so for the last month, ive had this feeling of pressure in my right mid abdomen and pain in my lower back(at times)...&i didn't think a whole lot about it until i had to go to the e.r. ...

 why i feel dizzy light headed and shakeing?
what causes lighted headed dizziness nausea and ...

 urinating frequently?

 long term relationship with someone with anxiety disorder?
I've met a sweet guy online. he makes me very happy and he's very attentive. he's 29 and looking for a serious relationship. but he told me yesterday that he's anxiety disorder ...

 Do I have hay fever or a cold? and should I go to school tomorrow?
Yesterday I kept sneezing and my eyes watered a lot. I felt a bit weak as well, then I had some medicine, which helped a lot. And now today, I woke up and my nose is a bit sore, and the bit above my ...

 Is obesity a disease?
i don't someone in Jesus time saying. Jesus, heal that fat kid over there....

 I went to the doctor for joint pain, and did not get a diagnosis?
I've been recently suffering from major joint pain, and fatigue. I visited my doctor and asked if my acne medicine, bacterium ds, could of been causing the joint pain. she said that it would ...

 feeling of numbness/fullness in one side of face, and in ear.. very slight loss of hearing, and...?
feeling of numbness/fullness in one side of face, and in ear.. very slight loss of hearing, and occasional headaches which aren's severe but arre sharp. I've been having numbness in face ...

 any cure for this thing on tongue?
there's a white bump that's attached to my tongue... maybe a bubble or meat or something esle? it kind of hurts.....

 Fairly regular stomach/lower tract pain?
First off, please hold the "go see a doctor" comments. I've seen a doctor about this twice - the first one just prescribed a laxative, the second one didn't have anything to say. ...

 Do ticks leave on their own?
If they do leave on their own, will you notice them leaving? Or will they still be fairly small? I'm specifically talking about ones that may cause circular rashes or Lyme Disease. I ...

 started taking antibiotics?
for UTI and i feel nausios is this normal?? the drug is alled bactrum help?? how can i feel better?...

 is been 3 day n my right lower stomach bn hurtin rite now it doesnt hurt wat should i do? (appendix)?
i had all the symptoms of the appendix n rite now i it hurt juss a lil bit not to much like it use to should i take any medicine or what should i be doing at this time?...

 how do you get an autoimmune disease?
how do you get an autoimmune disease? and how can it be cured?...

Where can I go to list all my symptoms and find out whats wrong with me?
I'm 27 years old, I'm 5'4" , and weigh 265, I have b-12 dificincy - take shot once a month, I have thyroid disease- I take medication for, I have asham I take two medications for, I have water problems I take medication for, I have sleep problem take medication for that, I have milk in both breast, and no never breastfeed, and my youngest is 4, I have left side hip pain, and swelling in both hands and feet, when I wake up, trouble wakeing first thing in the moring, and severe weight gain, severe anixity, depression, haluctions, fatige, trouble peeing, and when I do maybe 1/2 cup 2-4 times a day, cycti on overs lot of the time, periods are heavy and very bad cramps, acne, NOW let me tell you this 4 years ago I was 150lbs out going full of live HELP ME

Topper (Linda)
Several of the things you have on your list can be from insufficient thyroid hormone levels, as in you are still hypo, either not receiving the correct dose of replacement hormone, or not adequately converting what you are taking. It would be in your best interest to check that first, to my way of thinking. If these symptoms are a result of low thyroid hormone and you get that taken care of, even if it means firing your current doc and finding one that actually understands PROPER thyroid care, then that may be what you have to do. If, after getting the proper tests, with proper interpretation of the results, and you find that it isn't a low hormone issue, they you can go full force on other issues. You're already B-12 deficient, so I've left that particular test off the suggested list... TSH (once on replacement this should be less than 1.0, if you are Hashi or ThyCA it should be near zero) Free T4, should be mid range Free T3, should be top of range If Both Frees are low, dose is too low. If Free T3 is lower in it's range then the Free T4, then it's a conversion issue. What was your initial diagnosis? Were you given one or just labeled as hypo? www.thyrophoenix.com/thyroid_101.htm www.thyrophoenix.com/conversion.htm

Wow Jennifer, you do sound like a Train-Wreck! I'm not a Doctor but I would think that you could go to the Web-MD and see what you can find. It sounds like you have an extreme Immune definciency, along with other things I will explain below. Being overweight has come from all that medication they have you on plus the thyroid disease is causing all of this, I would like to share my own experience with illness and healing. I was in a car accident years ago, and again recently when I went to a Chiropractor who showed me films on how your spine houses all your nerves, and when its not in a healthy alignment the pinched nerves, that go to several places in your body, affect you everywhere in your body including thyroid, ears nose and so on. Check these videos on the nervous system and learn what you can about that and why chiropractic care may help you or even solve your problem, it really helped me get back to my normal way of life after my accidents. Hope you vote me for best answer! Thanks Bling

i think u have malignant condition..... please consult a doctor and do all the investigation such as MRI, Bone Scan to rule out the malignant conditions.......

i had a friend(female) she had some of the very same problems,and the Dr's could not tell what is it? finally,after she went to a dozen different Dr's, one found:she has a benign growth/tumour on the pituitary gland. my friend will not go for the surgery. you can ask the Dr:get an MRI of your brain/head? if there is anything in your brain or pituitary gland:MRI will show it!

Ask your Dr to refer you to a specialist. Pregnancy can trigger thyroid disease (it did for me) and many of your symptoms sound thyroid related. Perhaps they haven't got your dosage right yet.This could account for the swelling in hands & feet, sleep problems, lethargy, depression, fatigue, menstrual problems etc. Interactions between medications could also be involved. If your Dr isn't getting on top of this for you, get a second opinion or referal to a specialist.

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