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What types of food can I eat 2 days before the Colonoscopy?
I really need to know if I am allowed to have misso soup...
I am going to have a colonoscopy on tuesday and I stopped having any solid foods by today....
what else can I eat other than jello, clear juice and Popsicle?


water yumm haha
well you could have yogurt i guess
and maybe ice cream hhaha

My dad just had one Friday morning, they called him about the appointment procedure less then 24 hours before it was scheduled Yhursday afternoon about 3 PM. They perscribed something to clean him out and good he said. So I don't know how light you have to eat before hand especially if you are going to take something like he did. The Dr. told him to eat light over the next couple days following the procedure. So toast a fruit and tea was what he had. Good luck with things hope all goes well.

It's important to get a good "cleaning out" before the procedure to get the best results. Make sure to follow their instructions completely. The whole thing will be "behind you" soon enough.

You can also have broth, clear pop, or hard candies but nothing red, blue, or purple.

Edit: Well, it's Tuesday. I hope all went well and now you get to eat solid food again :)
If they removed any polyps, be sure to follow their instruction to avoid nuts, grains, and fibrous foods like lettuce and celery for a few days so the wound can heal.

Anything clear is allowed usually they have you use an enema 12 hours before the actual colnoscopy to clean you out.

Tom K
You should have been given a diet slip. I could have anything I wanted 2 days before, but for the last day, it was clear liquids or maybe something like JELL-O, but NOTHING red! The red can look like blood.

You can eat normally up to the day before the scheduled procedure....the day before you follow the dr's instructions....concerning the laxatives etc. on that day you can only eat jello, clear broth, clear juice and popsickles...but don't eat red jello or popsicles...I have had 5 colonoscopies so I am a old pro....

hecla 1
You can have miso broth....no mushrooms, noodles or veggies in it.

Teri D
I work in a gastroenterology clinic and do patient teaching...thus, I tell them what they can and can't have:

Can't Haves: Nothing dark red or purple, nothing with pulp, no dairy and non-dairy products. Avoid ice cream, sherbet, etc as they have a dairy component.

Can Have:

Drinks: Clear colored fruit drinks (apple, grape, cranberry).
Coffee, Tea. Gatorade (lighter shades...recommend the Rain or Frost line). Water. Sodas: can have dark and light sodas (remember beef bouillon is dark and ok'd thus dark sodas are fine), clear colored sodas. Avoid dark cherry sodas, cherry lime ades, grape soda.

Meals: Bouillon or broth only...you can get beef, chicken, or vegetable flavors. You should not eat any of the noodles or vegetables if you make soup and drain the solid contents. I recommend making a Lipton Cup of Noodles and then using only the liquid. It makes you feel more like you are having "real food". Canned broth has oils in it from the animal products.

Desserts: Hard candies, popsicles (no fruit), italian ices, jellos without fruit and without cream on top.

Good luck with your colonoscopy...it's a very important test to get done!

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