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 Where do head lice begin?
Where do Head lice start? Come from?...

 found in old buildings cause a health risk if not removed?

 Sleep Disorder problems.?
So I know I'm young but I was diagnosed as an insomniac because of a panic disorder, a couple of months ago. My doc was apprehensive to give me a prescription that would change my personality ...

 Can i actually die from migraine headaches & verdigo problem ?
Someone told me that what i was diagnosed with a migraine headaches & verdigo problem that i can actually die from the headaches. Is that true that i could die from the headaches ?...

 What do you guys know about duchenne muscular dystrophy?
I am reaserching it for school....

 what can i do for my son? he has been constipated since birth?
My son has been constipated since birth and I have taken him to many doctor's and now he is seeing a Gastro doctor and she is having me do the bowel cleansing process "with the meds like ...

 what causes my feet to have a burning sensation?
so my symptoms are very odd. Randomly when I set my feet down on any type of floor or ground they start burn. Whenever they start to burn I have to lift them up to stop the sensation and I can't ...

 I have been drinking diet coke since I was 3 and now im addicted and might get kiddney stones, how do i stop?
by the time im 30 i'll probably have kiddney stones and they are known to be the biggest pain in the world but i cnt stop, im so ...

 Any woman with Crohn's disease?

 Does anyone have any experience with hyperthyroidism or Graves disease?
I am 21 years old, 5'5" tall, and about 105 pounds. I have problems gaining weight and keeping it on, I know these are a couple of the symptoms but I have no other symptoms, and I have had ...

 Did you know Kim-chi prevents bird flu and SARS?
Koreans, who swear by Kim-chi, the 3,000 year old traditional side dish, were immune to SARS and bird flu. While the diseases were spreading across Asia, there was not 1 confirmed case in South Korea....

 the fluid that suspends the other parts of the blood is called ______?
what is the answer to that???...

 What is a doctor that specializes in chronic fatigue and tiredness?
I'm unbearably tired all the time, I've already had a physical and bloodwork by my regular physician, and its time to take the next step. I also have headaches every day too. By the way, I&#...

 What causes me to lose all sense of taste and smell when I have a cold?

 i have severe pain and diarrhea every morning.. what could this be?

 I have to do a speech on autism and I was wondering..?
Are there any professions that autistic people would never be able to do? Sources are helpful....

 Does anyone have pectus carinatum?
Im 17 years old and I have pectus carinatum and Im very self concious about it especially since im an A34 And its just very noticeable, I dont know what to do about it, Unfortunaetly this isn't ...

 are people who are in a persistent vegetative state able to think?

 Cerebral Palsy Question (only serious answers please!)?
Why do people with Cerebral Palsy usually have off set teeth? This is an honest question and I'm really curious anatomically why this is common. Thanks!

If you're going to be ...

 What disease do these symptoms indicate?
I've been having some weird symptoms lately but they don't stay constant, they seem to change day to day.
They include:
Joint Pain
Muscle soreness and I don't lift ...

What makes your eye jump?
And don't say any silly supersticious stuff.

Twitching or jumping eyes are usually a sign that something is wrong but it could mean nothing more than you aren't getting enough sleep or you've strained your eyes. Ask your doctor to be sure.

nervous condition, thats why mine was twitching, it lasted 6 mths. until the stress I was under was over.

From time my eye will jump and it drives me crazy at times, I asked my eye doctor two weeks ago for I was becoming really paranoid about it, and he said it could be cause by pinched nerves or some underlying deasies, but he also said that everyone has it at some time or another in their life and it is not nothing to be worried about.

So he tested my eyes out and said all looks good at his end and that he couldn't see anything different or unusual.

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