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What is my Doctor looking for when he orders a spinal tap?
Ive been having alot of headaches, speech and tremor problems. All my blood tests, CT and MRI are normal, he wants to do a spinal tap now. What could he be looking for? I am pretty scared.


Ewww...I really really really feel for you. I had a spinal tap when I was three. To this day it was the worse pain I've ever felt. But nowadays they may have a way of helping that...plus I was at a Naval hospital so they always said, "TAKE IT LIKE A MAN"!

They thought I might have had spinal meningitis....which after the spinal tap, 36 different shots, and a night at the hospital...found out I didn't.

He or she is looking for any abnormalities in your spinal fluid, things like infections/bacteria,cells that the body is fighting or doesn't have enough of.....Only the test will tell if it is anything to do with what your body is feading the brain or if it is the brain doing it to the body. I have epilepcy and have had countless test done,even a spinal tap,my test show menegitis as a cause to some of my troubles i am still having today. That needle no matter how intimidating it looks it saved me..

Then you should have askedd HIM that when you were there! Call and ask!

Devanie Ramnarine
ask him

Marv Goble
Possibly meningitis.

A spinal tap is a last resort for us to test your inner spinal cord for possible problems. A spinal tap can tell us a lot about your health and can check for anything from meningitis to MS. Don't be scared it is a simple a procedure that is done all the time.

The answer is what is important, take the few seconds of being uncomfortable so we can treat the real problem.

flyin ツ
Find a cause for symptoms possibly caused by an infection (such as meningitis), inflammation, cancer, or bleeding in the area around the brain or spinal cord (such as subarachnoid hemorrhage).
Diagnose certain diseases of the brain and spinal cord, such as multiple sclerosis or Guillain-Barré syndrome.
Measure the pressure of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the space surrounding the spinal cord. If the pressure is high, it may be causing certain symptoms.
A lumbar puncture may also be done to:

Put anesthetics or medicines into the CSF. Medicines may be injected to treat leukemia and other types of cancer of the central nervous system.
Put a dye in the CSF that makes the spinal cord and fluid clearer on X-ray pictures (myelogram). This may be done to see whether a disc or a cancer is bulging into the spinal canal.

he will be looking for several things, like the presence of bacteria, or white blood cells or anything else that doesn't belong in the spinal fluid.
nothing to be afraid of and worrying about it will not help you at all. your doctor is being thorough, be glad of that.

He's looking for bacteria in your spinal fluid or some sort of "cloudiness". He may, along with the slight possibility of meningitis, be looking for Multiple Sclerosis or some other type of auto-immune disorder. An auto-immune disorder is when the body more or less attacks itself in some way.

I know you're scared, as I would be too! But just try and relax, cross the bridges when you get to them and try not to worry too excessively about what it MIGHT be. Just wait until you know what it IS. OK? And honestly, if you want to not worry so much and be scared, don't listen to people on this site. Everyone can come up with a multitude of ailments that it could be....it doesn't mean they're right.

The pressure of the fluid will be evaluated as well as lab analysis for infection etc. The is actually called a LP or lumbar puncture since it is done in the lumbar spine. HIgh or low fluid or infection could be the cause of your headaches. Unless you have symptoms of meningitis they aren't really looking for that in particular.

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