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 I have some blood in my mucus, and I having a severe headache, and some cough.?
I have some blood in my mucus, and I having a severe headache, and some cough. What over counter medicine should I take to relieve my symptoms?...

 how to get rid of lice!?
ok im 12 years old and we found out that i had lice. We think i have had in more about 2 weeks cuz it says that the eggs take 2 weeks to hatch. When my mom found them she put olive oil in my hair. ...

 how do i get rid of...?
how do i get rid of this cold asap, i have a bad caugh and runny nose but i dont want to go to the doc. for it, what will work the best to get this gone fast??...

 Thyroid problem and insomnia, please help?
I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid last year in March. Ever since, my life has been total misery. I have to take Levothyroxine and right from the start of taking them, they stop me sleeping ...

 my mom has a lump on her neck and it has been there for a while it just recently started growing?
and turning colors. last week it started to get bigger and itch. it also causes her pain. today it started to bleed what should i do?...

 Every time I shower my heart rate gets very high and I become dizzy.?
I have perfect blood pressure. Also, this is accompanied with swelling and hard breathing. I don't get up quickly or anything of that sort, It's just during a normal, warm, shower. Any ...

 My friend claims to have all these illnesses?
My friend claims to have
She says she takes a pill combined for anxiety and depression
Combined ADHD and dyslexia

 I am always cold. Is there any suggestions on why?
I take vitamins daily & work out 5 days a week. The only time Im warm is during my workout or in my bed covered with multiple blankets. It's starting to get on my nerves. Always with a ...

 Serious question: could I have a tumor in my ear?
I can honestly say that I am starting to freak out right now. I know I'm going to get answers like "Just go to a doctor and stop wasting your time asking complete strangers" but I am ...

 Is this more than a cold?
I got sick last Thursday.
It started as a sore throat.
I got a dry cough, and a fever. No runny nose, but it is plugged up in my sinuses.
The sore throat is still there but it's ...

 What do you take for your GERD and does it work?
I take 2 protonix but not that great. was wondering what can be better- and no home remedies please- my gerd is due to some health problems and my esophagus doesn't close properly so home ...

 What might I have from these symptoms?
I have been exhibiting these symptoms and was wondering what it might be. I know they are quite broad, but try your best. I am just looking for amateur advice so no need to remind me to ask a doctor.<...

 I'm told Iodine Supplement is good for children with Autism?
I'm told Idoine Supplement is good for the development of children's brains....

 Help! Should I go to the doctor?
I have had diarrhea for a month and a half now.
Should I go to the doctor??
What can they do for this kinda thing?
Worried- please help!!! :/...

 My eyelids cannot open because the nerves are dead. How can I get it cured ? Patrick?

 i tend to accidently leave out letters and/or words sometimes when i'm writing. Any idea why?
it only seems to happen when i'm actually writing something out with my hand. No clue why, but i know that it's been going on for almost as long as i can remember....

 what is the average wait time for kidney transplant at georgetown medical center and johns hopkins medical cen?
I am waiting for my second kidney transplant. the first lasted 8 long years. i am currently listed at UAB and Vanderbilt Medical Center. I have a total of three years combine, not a lot of time. D...

 How can i get rid of head lice?
How can i get rid of head lice? . Please help ! -_-...

 i would like to be a pipe welder and wanted to know does pipe welding cause illness?
I was looking into going to school to become a pipe welder. and i heard that pipe welding may cause illness and or disease. I would like to know 1. does pipe welding really cause illness and or ...

 How can she get help with this?
my sister told me today that she thought she has nlsomething wrong with her . she said that she doesnt want to eat and feels fat and whether she eats or doesnt eat she always feels sick . she said ...

What happens if you get shampoo in your eyes? Are there supposed to be serious side effects?
I was helping my little brother take a shower (unfortunately). I was about to put shampoo on his head, but he looked up and some shampoo went into his eye. (Shampoo was about a bean size that went in.) I rubbed much off though he said it hurt. A few SECONDS later his nose started bleed and mouth. I panicked and called my mom to bathroom. Though was it a coincidence or was it a side affect? I am not sure whether to tell my mom. (NOT DRAMATIZATION)

that was just a coincidence. shampoo just burns for a minute when it gets in your eyes. no idea why blood would be comming from the mouth and nose. shampoo is non toxic.

Brandon P
Your eyes and sinuses are attached. It is possible the shampoo traveled through his eye socket and into his sinuses which could cause bleeding from his nose which could run down his throat. It is pretty strange though. If the bleeding persists or he has any complications with his vision, breathing etc take him to the ER.

I can't think of a reason why this would happen it seems a bit abnormal to me. I think the worst side effect of this is supposed to be blindness but in extreme situations if you leave the shampoo there for too long or loss of vision even, but i've never heard of this happening. I think it might have just been a coincidence.

D: oh my just tell your mom.

lalaa nicolee
tell her. don't make it a big deal though. it might be a side effect. but tell her. depending on the shampoo it may be a side affect. but honestly if you got it all out it may just be a coincidence. but if it is a side affect your jeopardizing your brothers health to make sure you don't get in trouble , that's low.

honestly i don't think it can cause your mouth and nose to bleed. it all depends on the shampoo. some shampoo will sting and even after you rinse it out your eye will sting for awhile. other shampoo's are so strong it can literally burn away some percent of your tissue in your eye. honestly i don't think shampoo can cause so much harm to make someones mouth and nose bleed. but id tell your mom just to be safe.

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