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What does it mean if someone starts smelling odors that are not there?
A good friend is having trouble speaking occasionally, and sometimes smells odors that are not there. Does this indicate a possible problem? If so, what? And what would be the treatment? Thanks for any help.

Cracker Jax
Yes I would think so. She/he should seek out a neurologist. This person sounds like they are having Petite Mal seizures. There are many, many forms of epilepsy...this is a minor one that does not cause the individual to become unconsious. Many have an "aura" just before the seizure and one is an "odor" they experience. It is also hereditary. It's like a minor earthquake in the brain where the neurons misfire and cause a disturbance elsewhere. There is no cure but there are anti seizure meds available...Dilantin is one of them.
Now you can see from some of the other answers it could be something else altogether. Whatever, it is in the brain and should not be taken lightly so tell your friend to seek help because she is getting "warnings" that should never be ignored

go get help

Denise R
Get checked, could be any kind of lesion in the or brain or a simple infection. Need CT scan of the head, and lab work.....possibly MRI.

You don't give your friend's age but they need to be evaluated to see if they have had a stroke or have epilepsy. I'd suggest they see a neurologist.

Intracerebral haemorrhage presenting as olfactory hallucinations

Department of Emergency Medicine, St George Hospital, Gray St, Kogarah, NSW, Australia.
Accepted 20 May 2002

Isolated olfactory hallucinations are a rare event and have been associated with a number of aetiologies including seizures, migraines and psychiatric illnesses. This case report describes a 58-year-old woman with an unusual haemorrhagic lesion as the cause of her olfactory symptoms. A review of the literature concerning the causes and management recommendations for olfactory hallucinations is presented.

These unpleasant odors occurred sometimes in patients with TIA (Transchemic Attacks) or small strokes; patients suffering heart attacks. or in epileptic patients with petit mal seizues. If, from time to time, he or she suddenly stops whatever activity is going on and stares blankly around for a few seconds (sometimes up to half a minute). During the blank interval, known as a petit mal seizure, the person is unaware of what is happening

Any such warning is known as an aura, and an aura can occur just prior to the occurrence of the seizure or as much as several hours before it strikes. It may consist of nothing but a sense of tension or some other ill-defined feeling, but some epileptics have quite specific auras such as an impression of smelling unpleasant odors or hearing peculiar sounds, distorted vision, or an odd bodily sensation, particularly in the stomach.

I remembered yrs ago, when I suffered a mild heart attack. It started out with flu-like symptoms. for three days. Then I became nauseous and dizzy. On the third day, is when I smelled gasoline and I tasted some metal taste in my mouth. I couldn't place the taste. Then, the chest pains came. This experience was subsequently confirmed by my new husband who suffered an MI years ago, and underwent bypass cardiac surgery. He told me that the taste was copper and I did have a HA. My EKG subsequently evidenced this MI.

Treatment? Tell your friend to go for some tests to discover the underlying cause and problem. It might be a danger or warning sign.!!!!!!!!!! Better safe than sorry.!!!

Among the unpleasant scents often reported by those suffering from parosmia or phantosmia are the smells of death (rotting flesh), feces, vomit, garbage, and smoke. Research done at the Monell Chemical Senses Center has identified the smell of rotting flesh as the worst scent in the world, across cultures. Interestingly, the United States Department of Defense has a stake in this research, for the purpose of creating stink bombs

Phantogeusia is an 'olfactory hallucination'. A person reports a smell (and sometimes an associated taste in the back of the mouth) for which no external stimulus can be found. "There is no odorant present, but the affected person reports smelling something, usually something unpleasant" Phantogeusia smells are not only noxious, they are also longer lasting than most olfactory experiences. "When a normal person smells an unpleasant scent, sensory adaptation takes place rather quickly -- within a few minutes the scent seems to have disappeared. The unpleasant scents in parosmia and phantosmia can, however, be very long-lasting

Major causes of olfactory dysfunction: obstructive nasal and sinus diseases, upper respiratory viral infections, head trauma, and in 22% of cases no cause is ever found (idiopathic). Sometimes, it has some psychiatric significance.

well it could be all in your head and when wires get crossed that cause heart attackes, strokes or anxiety you can smell werid things..Like I smell smoke..when I am in my own home and no one ever has smoked in my house. I have anxiety issues and possible heart problems.

I Know, I Know
Could be they are lacking some nutrients like iron if smelling metals. visit a doctor to make sure it's nothing mental.

Some seizures and even mild strokes do include such things. Your friend needs a check-up.

Good luck!

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