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jake the snake
OMG! I can't have a bowel movement?!?
I am a healthy 21 year old girl and I haven't had a bowel movement since last Wednesday! I've tried laxatives but still nothing. I can feel that I have to go but when I try, it just feels like something is blocking it from coming out. I feel horrible. My friend says I should try an enema but I'm scared. I am going to try another laxative. What do you think I should do? Go to the emergency room?

don't make fun of me....this really is scary.


Try laxatives, if that doesnt work go to the ER and see what they suggest. You may be slightly constipated. It is an embarrassing visit, but trust me, theyve seen way worse.

Agent D
Try a stool softener, or just eat a bunch of fruit or prune juice. I know the latter tastes disgusting, but it will help. Also, just relax, you could be stressed out and this is stressing you out further, making a natural bowel movement difficult. If these techniques don't help, see your doctor as soon as you can! Good luck!

sleep early

wake up early in the morning, drink warm water

and eat fresh grapefruits.

If you wake up late like afternoon,, then you 'll more likely to have constipation (no bowel movement).

hope this helps.

okay first of all drink lots of fluids and eat pears and prunes and drink prune juice, if that doesn't work try another laxative and then enema. it's just that i have had the same problem and it was for like a week and then i was fine again. just hope this helps!

Underground Man
Try the enema. Then try the hospital or whatever. Is there anyone on campus like medical personnel who can give you medical advice?

Have you tried drinking Epsom salt dissolved in water? It works by increasing the amount of water in your intestine, making it easier to have a bowel movement. Using an enema can be scary (especially if it causes cramps; I know of several people whose nightmares are haunted by that), but it's the only guaranteed way to force the poop out; plus it's probably what they'll do at the emergency room if you go there. While the idea is daunting, please go to a doctor just to make sure you don't have a bowel obstruction, which can be very dangerous and have results which are much scarier than an enema. If nothing else, at least stop using laxatives, as they are very hard on your body after a while and can actually make the problem worse.

Ok one thing this is suggesting is you have to start eatin fibre regularly even if its just a bit of fruits veggies, drink lots of water, one glass of prune juice a day will keep you regular once you get there but have you tried mineral oil? Go to your pharmacy and it is really inexpensive to buy. Take at least 3-4 large tables with juice, and you will have a bowel movement. If this doeesn;t work buy a laxative called magnesium citrate, otherwise known as the bomb. lol, this will definately work.. easier from the inside

See a doctor. They'll stick a finger up....achem....and tell u what's wrong.

I've done enemas before, and they are no fun. Something more gentle would be a glycerin suppository. You can buy them in the laxitive or pediatric section of any drugstore. Works much more quickly than an enema, and much less painfully! Good luck!

you need tot try a suppository such as fleet which gives relief in a few minutes if that doesn't work you need to get medical attention as soon as possible.

If you go to the ER they will do the enema,so you may as well try it yourself first. Did you try eating a high fiber cereal and drinking coffee? Sugarfree candy also has a laxative effect. I am not laughing, that is sure painful. I hope something works soon!

Sabra K
I have had the same problem for a few months. I've found that drinking aloe vera juice every morning really helps. I just drink 1/2 cup mixed with some apple juice (it doesn't taste great by itself). That should help and will give you some relief from stomach pains. Hope this helps.

go to the doctor. that can be a serious problem. it can poison you

Judy L
Six days is an extremely long time to go without a bowel movement. You should not take anymore laxatives nor should you try an enema since you do not know if you have a blockage in which case an enema SHOULD NOT be used. You should go to the emergency room immediately and get professional diagnosis and treatment.

New Dog Owner
This could be a bowel obstruction which is very dangerous. You should go to the emergency room.

You need to go to the ER NOW. It could be a bowel obstruction which is serious!

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