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 Can I get anti-depressents without an adult?
I'm 15 and I'm afraid I may have depression, I want to go to a GP and get tested or whatever but I don't want my mother to know. If I did have it could I get anti-depressents without a ...

 What disease is this?
It's hard to walk so you use a cane. You feel pain down your leg like a snake is squeezing it really hard...maybe a pinched nerve. Something with paralysis. This all started happening after ...

 I recently turned 40 and am now having extreme problems with my vision. Is this normal?
I never needed glasses before. It has occured over a 4 month span. I went from perfect vision to not being able to read small print. Medium print is blurry. I have had head aches for over 3 weeks....

 i feel like dying ?
omg their is alot of problems in my family i feel like ...

 i am very nervious all the time. my hands shake and jump all over. i can not stop them?

 What do blind people see?
Because nobody can really see NOTHING, and i don't think they see black because we only see black when we close our eyes because it's the inside of our eyelids, and that is seeing when you ...

 I have all my adult life been diagnosed with Hypothyroid?
which is low functioning thyroid but when the doctor puts me on thyroid meds I do fine until I have been on them about two weeks long enough for them to get in my system good and then my begavorial ...

 What foods are highest in iron?
im anaemic what should i eat? and i know about red meat, spinache etc.. are there any specific meats, grains, or vegetables that are very high in iron and iron ...

 Could my grandson have autism?
He just turned 2 and only says maybe 5 words. He stands right in front of the TV and zones out. The other day he ran back and forth in the yard for over 1/2 hour. He lines up trucks or animals but ...

 tingling sensation in my head?
okay first off.. im a hypochondriac so this has me worried sick and i need reassurance. all day ive felt this random tingling sensation in my head.. it happened when i stood up sometimes. and ...

 I have blood in my poo?
When i just went to the loo i had to push really hard as i was a little constipated and it really hurt when i had finished i noticed i had blood in my poo and in the loo itself i was just wondering ...

 Kanker sores...?
First of all, did I spell that right? lol, I have no idea how to spell it. I have a huge, infected kanker sore on the inside of my lip- my lip is visibly swollen and it looks really bad. And it ...

 Do I have Celiac's Disease?
Okay, to start off, please don't tell me, "Go to a doctor" because I have already gone to several. Anyway, my stomach has been bothering me on and off for the past year or two. It ...

 How do you go about getting an appointment with...?
A endocrinologist? Sorry if it's a dumb question. 1. Do you have to have a doctors referral? 2. How do you find one in your city? 3. Usually how long is the wait time before they ...

 what would I have from these symptoms?
Well Ive been breathing really weird, trying to sometimes take in air but sort of gasping for it and kinda hard to swallow when that happens. Also feeling lightheaded, weak and just tired . Not ...

i used one week ago, will it show up in a blood or saliva test?...

 i have bad memory is there like a medical issue?
i have the worest memory possable i could be told something then walk like 5 steps and forget everything when i drive its like i just apperd there like i dont remember anything but that i drove ...

 Do i have an eating disorder? Take a look?
I've always had a high metabolism, its very hard for me to gain weight, though i've tried hard by working out regularly. Within the last few years i've gained 30 lb that i've ...

 how do i tell if my brain is bleed?
hi yahors wut do 1 do if my brane bleeds n how do i c if it is??????????????????????????????...

 Can anyone tell me what is wrong?
I felt sick a few days ago but got over it quick. However now I have yellow watery stool. I also have gas. It doesn't hurt tho so I am not really worried but is there something I should take?...

zonia subul
My stool is a very very Dark Brown, harmless or should I worry?
My stool is a very very Dark Brown, harmless or should I worry? It's been for several years, There is no pain in my stomach What do you think? i am diabetic type 1 talking insulin.... but now i am worried that my stool is very very dark brown almost black and hard cracks.... i am 29 yeras old female please tell me whether i go to the doctor... i have done my test 15 days before i.e creatinine, cholestrol, HDL,LDL they are normal

( ~ * ~ )HÚÑK( ~ * ~ )
Hi dear... Here are the causes of your problem : Stool black = liver heat with lotsa toxins in the body stool green = stomach prob From an alternate medicine point of view black stool points to excessive liver heat in the body... Please answer my questions for other symptoms like: Do you feel tiredness R ur - eyes : dry/tears/tired Is your - mouth : dry/watery/bitter-taste Your - skin : dry/itchy Do you get angry often Your sleep --> is it disturbed sleep Do u get headache -> If yes then where - forehead/temples Reply me at bharatkarnani@gmail.com

Anytime your stools color is darka and looks black you should mention it to your docotor asap and give him all the other details about urself ( such as any health problems or medications you take) so he can rule out that it can be intestinal bleeding which is known to turn stools dark. I dont wanna worry you and im sure this is not what it is especially due to the young age where colon problems are more unlikely thoigh not 100 percent impossible. Many foods and medicines turn stools dark so thats what it probably is. Pepto bismol for example does this. anyway get it checked talk to doctor and good luck.

I would definitely go to the doctor especially if its blackish is color. Is that way all the time. Just go have it checked to be on safe side. They will run some test, may have to take a (sample) in but that way you will know for sure. Im not saying run right to the ER just never take anything for granted and dismiss anything that happpens that might be out of the ordinary. Have you ate anything out of the ordinary? It will take you a couple of days to get in to see a doctor anyway, so just watch and see what happens the next few days. Dont eat anything out of the ordinary.

I would talk to your doctor about it to be safe. hope everything goes well!

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